8 Ways to Get Around Paris

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You're there! In Paris, exploring and eating and learning and just LOVING being there, soaking up the je ne sais quoi that is Paris.

8 ways to get around Paris

Did you know that there are more ways to get around Paris than the Metro or a cab? Take a look!

1. Walk (need I say more?). Bonus Paris points if you have a dog, or look great.

2. Ride the Metro - one of the oldest (and best) public transportation systems in the World, the Metro is renowned for being fast and inexpensive. Located underground, you'll feel as if in some ways, you're going back in time, with the gorgeous Metro signs at some stops, and the tiled walls. Here's a fantastic color-coded map!

3. Call a Cab - if you've got disabilities, lots of packages, or just don't feel like taking dealing with crowds, take a cab. It's easy and you'll see plenty (although pay more).

4. Take the Bus - entertaining, both inside and out. You'll sit next to locals of all kinds, and see more of Paris than from taking the Metro.

5. Float your Boat! You can take the Batobus, which traverses the Seine from April to October. You can also take the navette boat (shuttle) that is FREE with a metro ticket or Navigo between Gare d'Austerlitz and Charenton le Pont. 

Batobus Paris

Batobus photo from flickr.com/photos/ell-r-brown/3761798964/ Used with permission from Flickr Creative Commons

6. Driving a Car - not recommended as it can be very stressful. Unless you live there, this is not the best option. However, Paris has an Autolib' system, where you can rent electric cars for short periods of time quite easily. This is a great option if you're renting Paris apartments for your holiday - easy to get around, stock up on groceries, and make day trips.

7. Bike Rental - there's a sytem called the Vélib bicycle rental program, with stations all over Paris. You can check out a bike at one station, and return it to another. Trips under 30 minutes are free, and an hour costs €1.  Extra bonus - Paris is flat. You might not get super winded, except from dodging cars...   en.velib.paris.fr/

8. Roller Blade!? Yes! Parisians love to rollerblade, especially on Friday night Skate Fever.  (Even the police rollerblade) pari-roller.com/


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How do YOU get around Paris? Do tell!




Transportation in Paris - more options than you'd think (and some unusual ones, too!)

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