Why Every Teacher Should Make Time for Travel

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Travel is a wonderful thing. It opens our eyes, our minds, and our hearts to a myriad of new places, people, and possibilities. It relieves us from the constraints of the everyday, of the nearby, and pushes our boundaries in new and exciting ways.

I’m firmly of the belief that everyone should travel. And that everyone should travel solo on at least one occasion (but that’s for another day). 

Pursuing Happiness: A Documentary about the Happiest People You Know

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Americans spend billions of dollars a year trying to get happy – but what is the secret to actually finding happiness? How do America's most positive people actually fulfill the "pursuit of happiness" that is promised to us as a right? Documentarian Adam Shell ("Put the Camera on Me" and "Finding Kraftland") wanted to find the answer – so he asked.

10 Ways to Create a Happy Atmosphere for Flying

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Flying can be stressful - let's not even dig into the reasons why, because it will just make us crabby. But in an effort to discover more happiness in travel, we've published a three part series that focuses on the positive - happy tips for travel. Our resource for all questions about happiness is Deborah Heisz, Editorial Director of Live Happy - and ask her a few questions. Deborah has a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

4 Ways to Prepare for Happy Travels

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Travel can be glorious, life-changing, intruiging, fun, insightful, but also oh so stressful. For not only are you dealing with a different environment, but also transportation, finding food in a new place when you're hungry (a stressful time for me, at least!), and possibly a different language.