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Flying Into Canada? Three Things You Need To Know

Visiting a new country can be truly exciting. This is especially true if you are visiting for the first time. With amazing cultures, bustling cities, scenic national parks, and tasty cuisine, it really is no surprise that more and more travelers are opting to fly into Canada.

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Why You Should Combine Your Trip with Travel Insurance: Tips for First-time Flyers

Are you flying for the first time? Well, whether it is a domestic or international destination, the feeling for the first-time flyer is a heady mix of excitement and nerves. Worrying about all the preparation, starting from packing to getting to the airport, everything appears a little edgy yet exciting. Dozens of questions may arise along the lines of ‘How to pack for a flight?’, ‘What should I pack and what to avoid?’, ‘How to approach the airport authorities?’, or ‘What documents should I keep on my person?’, and so on.

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Top 25 Airplane Etiquette Rules: Don’t Ever Fly Again Without Them!


Top 25 Airplane Etiquette Rules: Don’t Ever Fly Again Without Them!

I’m begging you...please read this. Read all 25 of these etiquette rules before ever stepping foot on an airplane again.

I spend many hours in the air on long international flights.

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10 Ways to Create a Happy Atmosphere for Flying

Flying can be stressful - let's not even dig into the reasons why, because it will just make us crabby. But in an effort to discover more happiness in travel, we've published a three part series that focuses on the positive - happy tips for travel. Our resource for all questions about happiness is Deborah Heisz, Editorial Director of Live Happy - and ask her a few questions. Deborah has a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

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Top Tips for Catching an In-Flight Nap

No one wants to spend the first few days of their holiday recovering from their flight, but if you are flying long haul, this can be a common occurrence.

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Behind the Scenes with Turkish Airlines: Food, Safety, Training, and Smiles

Have you ever wondered how a successful airline does it? How they coordinate everything, AND make it work? Too often, we focus on weather delays, grumpy passengers, lines at airports. But there is so much that goes RIGHT, and we don't pay attention to it. I never thought about it, until I headed backstage at Turkish Airlines in Istanbul. 

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What's It Really Like to Fly Turkish Airlines Business Class?

Last week, Turkish Airlines flew two dozen of us White House Travel Bloggers to Turkey – and what a life-changing experience it was! Turkish Airlines’ slogan is Widen Your World – and our visit did just that.