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Top things to do when your flight is delayed

When you’re all set to jet off to sunnier shores or even travelling for business purposes, no one likes to hear the words that their flight has been delayed, right? 

However, each and every day, in all corners of the globe, flights are delayed and cancelled for a variety of different reasons.

From technical issues to extreme weather conditions causing havoc in the air, flights can be delayed or cancelled with little notice. 

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Behind the Scenes with Turkish Airlines: Food, Safety, Training, and Smiles

Have you ever wondered how a successful airline does it? How they coordinate everything, AND make it work? Too often, we focus on weather delays, grumpy passengers, lines at airports. But there is so much that goes RIGHT, and we don't pay attention to it. I never thought about it, until I headed backstage at Turkish Airlines in Istanbul. 

Looking for Tail Numbers

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Mar 28, 2012 / 0 comments

Did you know that every airplane has an identifying number on it? The tail number tells you where it is registered, and the identification of the plane itself. You can look these up online. Every country has their own numbers. Every airplane that flies - including private planes, experimentals, and ultralights - have a tail number.