Top things to do when your flight is delayed

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When you’re all set to jet off to sunnier shores or even travelling for business purposes, no one likes to hear the words that their flight has been delayed, right? 

However, each and every day, in all corners of the globe, flights are delayed and cancelled for a variety of different reasons.

From technical issues to extreme weather conditions causing havoc in the air, flights can be delayed or cancelled with little notice. 

Flight delays are not only extremely frustrating and annoying, but they can also leave passengers with a lot of free time on their hands in the airport whilst they wait for news about their flight. 

The good news is… there are actually many ways that you can fill your time if your flight is delayed. Trust us, there is no reason to ever be bored at the airport again. Read on...

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Top things to do when your flight is delayed

Get your shopping fix

The majority of airports are now littered with designer shops, boutiques, and popular high street outlets, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. 

So, if your flight has been delayed, why not have a browse around the shops and grab any last minute holiday items that you forgot to pack? 

Take the opportunity to catch up on your sleep

Travelling can be extremely tiring, especially if your delay happens when you have already been travelling for a considerable amount of time. 

However, a delayed flight is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your sleep. There are lots of quiet corners in every airport where you will be able to get your head down for a couple of hours - just remember to set an alarm. Some airports have capsule hotels, if your flight delay will be a while.

Watch a movie

The majority of us wouldn’t even consider leaving the house without our smartphone or tablet. 

And, trust us, they certainly come in handy if you ever find yourself in a situation where your flight has been delayed. Perfect for watching a movie, catching up on social media, or even checking and replying to your emails, simply hook up to the airport’s Wi-Fi and enjoy some down time whilst you can. 

Talk to a random stranger

With all this spare time on your hands, now is the perfect time to meet new friends and grab a coffee. 

The likelihood is that you will meet someone in exactly the same position as you who will be grateful of your company. 

Grab a coffee! From Top things to do when your flight is delayed

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