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How to Choose a Good International School for Your Child

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If you’re moving abroad for work, or any other reason, there are plenty of logistics to think about. One of those is where to send your children to school. 

When you’re an expat, you have two primary choices as far as your children’s education. You can send your kids to a local school or an international school. 

Innovative Technologies Used to Educate Students in International Schools

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The Independent Schools Council (ISC) released a report saying that the demand for international schools in Asia has increased. There are about 1,003 English-medium international schools in Southeast Asia alone, taking in 371,500 students altogether. However, the most peculiar thing was observed when they conducted this research. It seems the demand is not just coming from expatriate families, but that the majority of it is coming from local families. 

Global Perspectives: Professional Learning Communities in International Schools

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Community building must become the heart of any school improvement.
~Thomas Sergiovanni

Life as an Overseas Educator: Kids, Camels, and Cairo

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Wondering about what life is like, teaching overseas? Global Educator Jill Dobbe (read our #teachabroadbecause interview with here here) has penned a fascinating, intriguing book that details teaching in Egypt, called Kids, Camels, and Cairo. In this book, she reflects honestly about moving a family abroad, teaching in a different country, and cultural adjustment.