Texas Nonprofit Soundwaves Art Foundation Halfway To Goal Of Half A Million For Aid To Ukrainian Children

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We translate the digital heartbeat of songs into one-of-a-kind artworks to raise money for nonprofits addressing the world’s most pressing problems.

Texas Nonprofit Soundwaves Art Foundation Halfway To Goal Of Half A Million For Aid To Ukrainian Children

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Changing Direction

by Stacey Ebert / Jul 05, 2022 /
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It’s summer. The season of sandy feet, sun-kissed cheeks, and firepit chats that go on till dawn has returned. While the world is still in chaos and a global pandemic is still afoot, school’s out, camp’s in session, and children everywhere are in summer mode. 

It’s that time where everything is flooded with sunlight, fireflies dance amidst the sky, ice cream is a daily meal, dreams are big, possibilities are endless, and imaginations run wild. 

Music for summer's end and autumn's beginning

by Kerry Dexter / Aug 16, 2021 /
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Summer's end, autumn's beginning, shifting times global and local, time to reflect wherever you may find yourself and in whatever season.

As ever, changes and choices are in the wind.

Music for summer's end and autumn's beginning

Music for Making it Through Changes

by Kerry Dexter / Apr 23, 2021 /
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It continues to be a time of ups and down, of change and shifting times. There's the promise of spring, or of autumn, depending on your place on the globe. Seasons of change in nature and seasons of change in all other aspects of life, as well.

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Changing of the Guard

by Stacey Ebert / Feb 01, 2021 /
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2021 is officially well underway. Vaccines are finding their way into the arms of awaiting humans to hopefully help bring this global pandemic to a close. 

Students and teachers are finding new ways to navigate the world of digital learning and are hopeful that those who want to attend in person classes will be able to do so perhaps even prior to the next school year. 

Through the Eyes of an Educator: “Come Alive”

by Stacey Ebert / Jan 05, 2021 /
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You stumble through your days, got your head hung low
Your skies’ a shade of grey, like a zombie in a maze, you’re asleep inside, but you can shake away
‘Cause you’re just a dead man walking, that’s your only option, but you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day.
Sun is up and the color’s blinding, take the world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind, you'll never be the same

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Reflections and Gratitude in a Sea of Change

by Stacey Ebert / Dec 08, 2020 /
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It’s officially the beginning of the end of 2020. December is upon us, and, thanks to the incredible efforts of the scientific community, there’s now a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Vaccines and therapies are showing good numbers, and there’s hope that within the next 6 months, we’re far closer to a more normal, normal than we’ve been in a long time. does wonders for the soul. I have hope for hugs in the near future.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance” - Eckhart Tolle

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Life lessons, resolutions, and growth

by Stacey Ebert / Dec 02, 2019 /
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In high school, senioritis is as real as it gets. For some, it begins that first day in September when students realize they’re officially the ‘big dogs’ in the building. For others, it’s those last weeks or months taking stock in each moment, each milestone, and getting ready, with both trepidation and excitement, for that next stage after graduation. School years have a start and an end. Whether in homeschooling or traditional brick and mortar ones, one grade finishes before the other fully begins.

Music for Spring's Changes

by Kerry Dexter / Feb 18, 2019 /
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Music for shifting times: that is what we've called this series. Part of the idea behind the music shared with you in the series is to guide you to music which may help you think about or live through the unexpected, disconcerting, strange -- choose your own more emphatic adjective if you like -- situations facing the world. 

Music for Shifting Times

by Kerry Dexter / Oct 15, 2018 /
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Writers, artists, musicians, actors, creative people of all sorts, often ask the best questions, questions which have to do with real values, fundamental choices, important relationships. As is true with any sort of art, these questions may at times be framed in poetic and indirect ways. Directly or indirectly, these works of creation help with reflection on such matters.

Music for Shifting Times