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Planning The Perfect Summer Road Trip

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Summer is an extremely popular time of year for travel. And the warm weather makes road trips very common this time of year. Planning the perfect road trip takes a lot of time and effort.

Here are my best tips and tricks to get the most out of your summer road trip. 

Planning The Perfect Summer Road Trip

How to Handle Dental Emergencies While Traveling

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There are few things that can ruin a trip faster than dental problems. Countless patients have asked me what do in the event of a dental emergency when they’re out of town; and many more will continue to do so. Dental emergencies don’t wait for when it’s convenient for you, and can be some of the worst and most frustrating problems to deal with. Dental emergencies come in all sorts of different issues, from simple toothaches, losing a filling, chipping teeth, or even having a tooth completely knocked out.

Studying Abroad in London: Capturing Your Experience

by Heather Robinette / Jan 14, 2019 /
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As I think back on my study abroad experience in London, I am lucky enough to have my blog, pictures, and videos to help me remember my many experiences. As time goes on, the minor details aren’t as easily recalled, but having something to look back at has been incredibly helpful in being able to remember. Today, I want to take a moment to share why you should consider capturing your experiences and some tips to do so. While it is best to be present and enjoy your time abroad, I would also encourage you to find ways to capture it. 

History Comes Alive in Charleston

by Sandy Bornstein / Jan 11, 2019 /
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Charleston, South Carolina is consistently voted as one of the top destinations to visit in the United States. Travelers are enticed by this East Coast city’s broad-based appeal, showcasing Lowcountry cuisine, cobblestone streets with architectural treasures, outstanding accommodations, diverse shopping opportunities, a moderate climate, and a rich history that spans multiple generations.

The Importance of Travel for Young, Developing Minds

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Travel is invaluable for young minds which are still in the developmental stages of life. For example, children who travel are exposed to various cultures and ways of life, thus, broadening their mental horizons as well as their tolerance and acceptance of people coming from many different walks of life. A child who has experienced other lifestyles tends to be more open to different lifestyles, cultures, and worldviews. 

Donut-Hopping Portland: 3 Quintessential Hotspots

by Culinary Spelunker / Nov 26, 2018 /
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While Portlanders may not have invented donuts, they certainly seem to have perfected them. The so-called donut culture here is well fed – inspiring Portlanders to declare their favorites, and to slight those they deem inferior, to both their friends and the public alike.

All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips

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Australia—it’s on everyone’s bucket list…and for good reason! There’s an extraordinary amount of things to see, do, taste, and experience in this remarkable country.
Here are our best Australia Travel Tips…
All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips


12 Expert Tips for High Quality, Money-Saving Travel

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We all want extraordinary travel experiences…on a budget. Because, let’s be honest, the more money you save, the more you can travel. So how can you save money on travel, while still having a fantastic time? Trust me—it can be done! Take a look…
12 Expert Tips for High Quality, Money-Saving Travel

12 Quirky Places to Discover in and Around Melbourne

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History, animals, tennis, cricket, art, festivals, history, museums, culinary delights, beaches, music, and cafés around every corner...where are you? Why, Melbourne, of course! This city is an incredible place to visit, as there is so much to see and do.

Besides the aforementioned, Melbourne is packed with quirky treats. 

Here are a dozen of our favorites:

How To Travel Safely

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When traveling, we are often in somewhat vulnerable positions; it is a foreign country we are visiting after all, which means a new culture, unfamiliar customs, and possibly different standards of appropriate behavior. Even though international traveling is exciting, adventurous, and rewarding, it can sometimes be potentially dangerous if we don't prepare accordingly.