My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife

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I just arrived back home from a 3-night holiday in Tenerife, and might I say it was amazing, from the food to the activities. I went in March, which is not the most popular season, but is cheaper than the summer months in terms of the flights and accommodation. 
My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife
When I went to the island at the beginning of March, the weather was nothing like what I had experienced in the UK. Though not quite summer, the weather was sunny and relaxing, with temperatures between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. This is a minor price to pay for the cheaper airfare. 
So on the topic of travel deals: I am going to let you in on my top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife. I think you will love what I'm about to say and not just because of the price. Not only was it important for me to enjoy my time there, but I also wanted to limit my spending; there are plenty of beautiful activities that are worth the money, such as jet skiing and quad biking. If you have the opportunity to do one of these, I would go for it. 
My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife

Here are my top three budget travel ideas for when you’re in Tenerife:


ViVO Mini Golf Treasure Island

The first is mini golf. Yes, I know mini golf is something you can pretty much do anywhere, but it was not quite what I expected when I walked in. 
Initially, throughout the entire course, the pirate theme and sculptures were really noticeable and oddly realistic but quite likeable. The course was open until midnight and, unlike others, offered two courses: easy and hard. I took advantage of the arrangement, which allowed me to play two rounds anytime I wanted within the next few days, with an overall price of about 18 euros. It took me almost an hour and thirty minutes to finish the challenging course, which I assumed would just take thirty minutes. Arguably I'm just not very talented at mini golf. 
The game lasted a lot longer because of the complicated 18-hole course. We made the right choice when it came to our final round, opting to go in the evening at 10:30 and choosing the easier course. There were not many people there, and the music was loud—mostly 90s R&B, which is one of my favourite genres. We went this late in the evening because of the music, along with the fact that there was a bar and the drinks were inexpensive, about 8 euros. I don't drink much, but I can get by with a glass or two. However, after just one, mini golf was a lot funnier and harder. The cocktail in question was a "sex on the beach," and while it's not one of my favourites, it was nonetheless delicious and very big compared to the cocktail sizes in UK bars. 
Because it is family-friendly throughout the day, I would recommend visiting, whether you are staying in or just passing through the Playa de las Americas area. For those above 18, going in the evening is just as fun.

Tenerife Zoo Monkey Park

During my three-night visit, I managed to go out and purchase tickets for the monkey park. It was quite simple to complete; I purchased them early in the morning and arrived there by midday. I visited one of the many pop-up stores that are merely there to assist visitors (tourists) in making reservations and organising their travel plans. The mentioned shop was located directly outside the sol Tenerife hotel. 
My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife
My expenses totalled 10 euros per person plus 3 euros for the food provided at the park to feed the animals. The only other expense was taking an Uber to and from the park, which came to 23 euros each way. This might have been avoided by taking public transport or even renting scooters, but I chose the quickest and easiest route.
Once you arrive, entry is essentially effortless. I made the foolish assumption that the park was home only to monkeys (also as a result of a lack of research), but there was actually a wide variety of animals, including birds, guinea pigs, turtles, and crocs. 
There was a fascinating trail to walk along the whole way. I spent a good deal of time in the enclosures feeding the guinea pigs the food I had bought from the park counter. Seeing that many guinea pigs in one place was definitely strange, but it was also a crazy experience when small groups of them would approach you and form a kind of circle to share food, which was very cute. 
My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife
When I eventually succeeded in leaving them, I was able to hold a parrot on both my arms and shoulders in addition to a smaller, incredibly cute kind of monkey. Smaller kids can handle the parrots but cannot hold the monkeys, but even so, the children within the park were enthralled just by witnessing me hold a monkey and have it hop on my head. 
For only 13 euros in all, the experience was well worth it as it exceeded my expectations and truly brought out my inner child. 
My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife

Any Beach

Visiting any beach in Tenerife is a must, even though it's not the first activity you would think of. As you know, I did not go in the summer but I am certain it is probably just as or even more beautiful then. 
Just before dusk, I went for a stroll along the beach next to the Sol Tenerife Hotel. Apart from a few friends and dog walkers, the beach was completely deserted and remained that way until sunset. The sound of the waves and wind meeting was pure bliss, and to top it all off, a stunning red sunset peeked through the rocks. The water was surprisingly warm—much warmer than any hotel pool I had been in. 
Seeing sunsets is probably the easiest thing to do; nonetheless, it genuinely makes you appreciate life and recognise the beauty of both nature and life itself anew. I stayed there till it was totally dark and you could only see shop lights, so all of this cost an absurd zero euros and had no time restriction. I recommend doing this every day because it's a great pleasant and affordable way to relax or at the absolute least, give it a try because it's quite captivating.
See a sunset! From My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife
See a sunset! From My top 3 inexpensive things to do in Tenerife
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