How Do You Travel in Luxury?

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Solo travel has seen a considerable rise in popularity since the pandemic, with many people wanting to meet like-minded versions of themselves through a holiday experience abroad. Many women who travel alone build deep and meaningful friendships with others on the road, sharing many of the same values. 

Solo travelers view this as an opportunity to meet new people and use their travels for self-reflection, personal growth, and soul searching. Of course, travel doesn't always have to be a path to self-discovery; it's also the perfect time to indulge in a bit of luxury and do things exactly your way. Here is how you can travel in luxury.

How Do You Travel in Luxury?

Traveling in style

You shouldn't have to wait until you have reached your destination to start your luxury trip — Your journey there can also be filled with finer things. How about experiencing your journey in an entirely new way by flying via private jet charter? For those yearning for the ultimate travel experience, a chartered flight will make you feel pampered, take the convenience level of your travel up by several notches, and ensure you arrive at your destination in style. 

Take joy in flexible scheduling, gourmet food, access to select destinations, and attentive service higher than any other form of travel. Flying with a private jet allows you to customize your journey to suit your specific needs — whether for business or pleasure. Select the aircraft that suits your needs and schedule any changes when the time is right. You can even find some charters with additional perks, like an onboard butler or chef.

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Indulge in Luxury Cuisine

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to enjoy travel is through food. Not only can you explore and taste a variety of new dishes served in foreign lands, but you can also often see a truer sense of the culture surrounding you. A distinct charm comes with eating alone, especially when you're treating yourself to the finer things. You'll never have to worry about your dining companions' eating habits and tastes, making it a much more comfortable experience.

Amazingly, many high-end restaurants and food tours are available, allowing you to embark on your luxury cuisine exploration. Try fine dining onboard exclusive trains, or find out which restaurants have the best view of the city you’re based in — sometimes a fantastic view is all the company you need! The possibilities are endless when it comes to luxury dining.

How Do You Travel in Luxury?

Ocean Cruising

First-time ocean voyagers may find it intimidating and lonely to go on a long ocean journey alone. The experience of being out at sea is entirely different from that of a regular hotel or inn on top of that. You won't have time to get bored on luxury voyages because they often offer a variety of exciting amenities.

Onboard Explora Luxury Cruises, for instance, has a thermal spa area where you can participate in health and wellness activities. A solo female traveler can enjoy a wonderful time alone with unlimited beverages, nine culinary experiences, and gorgeous destinations to soak in. In addition to sophisticated cuisine and spa amenities, luxury ocean voyages offer a variety of programs and novelties on board and ashore, allowing you to tailor the journey to your needs.

How Do You Travel in Luxury?
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Luxury Spa Treatments

No luxury trip is complete without a few spa days to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your body to keep in line with all your introspective work. As a solo traveler, the great thing about spa days is you don't have to worry about children or partners when relaxing and getting pampered. Everyone deserves a luxury spa treatment to truly unwind and take themselves away from the worries of the world.

Spa retreats offer more than just aesthetic benefits; they're the ultimate wellness holidays that will leave you feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than ever. Jet setting onto a spa retreat or having this experience the main focus of your travel plans delivers this elevated level of luxury while being based in a completely foreign land, country, or continent.

Europe, for example, is home to countless luxurious spa hotels that have proven to be skincare and wine havens for anyone traveling alone and looking to indulge in this type of living. From scenic cabins in rural locations to extraordinary hotels in a vast metropolis, There's something for everyone.

How Do You Travel in Luxury?
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Luxury Traveling Alone

Ultimately, luxury travel is a great way for single women to treat themselves and alleviate the monotony of their daily routines (even with your pet!). If you're looking for a party, there are so many out there, but if you're craving a glass of wine in an exotic country with a local book to enjoy the sunset with, that’s available too. Ultimately, by knowing what you want, you can guide yourself in the most luxurious directions.