Lost Railways from Around the World: Listowel & Ballybunion Railway

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Note: This is an excerpt from a fantastic new book by Anthony Lambert, called Lost Railways from Around the World. We love it so!
An excerpt on a special Irish railway, from Lost Railways from Around the World: Listowel & Ballybunion Railway

Things I Never Knew About Volunteering Abroad

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I stumbled onto volunteering abroad by accident when a friend recommended it to me. I had never considered it beforehand. So I entered the world of volunteering with very little information and learnt that there’s only so much research you can do. 

Things I Never Knew About Volunteering Abroad

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Every ending is a new beginning

by Stacey Ebert / Dec 03, 2018 /
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It’s December. The last month of the last quarter of 2018 is here, and the holiday season is upon us. Much of the country is littered in cold and snowy weather, many people are rushing out to purchase gifts to show their gratitude, and resolutions are in process for 2019’s arrival. It’s the time of year where endings and beginnings mesh together—and often the lines between the two blur. 

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Every ending is a new beginning

Artist of the Month: Czech This Out with Petra and David Bachron

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Dec 02, 2018 /
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Gorgeous. That's the word I use (usually out loud, in an exclamatory fashion) whenever I see our featured artist this month, Czech This Out (Petra and David Bachron), on instagram. I love their work, separately and combined. I love their story, and I love their passion for art, and life. 

#VolunteerAbroadBecause It Will Shape You

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Note: This interview is part of a series from Learning Service.

How To Start A Teacher Travel Blog In 4 Easy Steps

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Whether you are a traveling teacher, travel during summer vacation, or are on sabbatical, there are experiences you just want to share—whether with your friends, class, colleagues, or maybe even the world. This makes starting a teacher travel blog an amazing and rewarding idea.

Donut-Hopping Portland: 3 Quintessential Hotspots

by Culinary Spelunker / Nov 26, 2018 /
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While Portlanders may not have invented donuts, they certainly seem to have perfected them. The so-called donut culture here is well fed – inspiring Portlanders to declare their favorites, and to slight those they deem inferior, to both their friends and the public alike.

All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips

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Australia—it’s on everyone’s bucket list…and for good reason! There’s an extraordinary amount of things to see, do, taste, and experience in this remarkable country.
Here are our best Australia Travel Tips…
All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips


Ways to Give Back to Local Communities When Travelling

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Supporting the local communities of places we visit as tourists and travellers is a great way to give back, show your appreciation, and receive a warm welcome from the locals. After all, we’re visitors in their hometowns, so the least we can do is show respect and offer support in simple yet impactful ways. Wondering how you can give back on your travels and make yourself a better traveller?

Music for the Changes of Autumn

by Kerry Dexter / Nov 19, 2018 /
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Autumn: at times there are vibrant colors in the foliage. At times there are muted hues of rain swept days. The stars are brilliant some nights. On other nights,there are no stars to see for the clouds. Sometimes there's a hint of warm breeze; more often, it's the sharp edge of wind that hints of winter. At times there's sunshine; at times there's snow. It is a time for gatherings, and a time for solitude. There is time for conversation, and space for reflection. Autumn: it is  a season of shifts.