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What Educators can learn from Technology and the Olympics

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 29, 2018 /
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Educators can learn quite a bit from the technology used during the Olympics. The Olympics – similar to a classroom? How can this be? 


Top 10 Famous Authors on Books that Inspired & Shaped Them

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Writing skills are very important for everyone - but, unfortunately, not all people are born good writers who can write exciting fiction or non-fiction books or compelling scholarly articles. Many college students struggle with their writing, and often look for essays or research papers for sale online when they lack skills to complete them on their own. 

10 Great Things to Bring on a Trip with Kids

by Ashley Steel / Jan 15, 2018 /
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Sure there's the obvious hand-held video games, e-book readers, portable dvd players, laptops, iPads etc. What are some other things that might be great to bring on a trip with kids that encourage safety, education, and adventure ... ?

Need inspiration on WHERE to go? Click here for a list of popular places for family travelers!

Travel Tips: Save Money in Spain

by Lisa G Schafer / Nov 24, 2017 /

Spain! The recent global financial crisis has led to excellent travel deals, especially in Spain. Want to head to this sunny land, chock full of history and great food?

Ten Travel Top Tens

Ten Travel Top Tens

10 Travel Top Tens

Ten Top Ways to Experience Your Destination Like a Native

Top 10 Tips For a Comfortable Thai Train Experience

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There are numerous ways to travel across Thailand, some cheaper than others. The train is my favorite. It is cheap, much faster than a car, and fun. For no more than a few dollars, you can travel across hundreds of kilometers and arrive at your destination - Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or whatever city you wish to explore. 

Ten Best Reasons to Take a Cruise

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With Christmas preparations under control and every bedroom in our house filled with company, I’m basking in the joys of the season. I’m also letting my mind drift ahead to January, February and March when the San Francisco Bay Area can be downright chilly.

10 Tips for Smarter Travel

by Anevay Darlington / Sep 15, 2017 /

I see it all the time. People plan incredible journeys and then come home not having had a good time. The problem? They don’t travel smart. If you’d like to get more out of your travels, follow these tested (by me) guidelines. You’ll thank me later.


7 Tips for teaching your kids to appreciate art museums

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 28, 2017 /
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I’m an avid art museum traveler. Wherever we go, we make sure to visit as many art museums as possible (this is the second priority in our travel planning – the first being great food). When we had a child, I wasn’t concerned that she’d love art museums, too.

10 of the Best Experiences on a Safari in Africa

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Those of you who have gone on an Africa safari will vouch for the fact that it is an adventurous, terrifying, and strangely soothing experience. 

Sunrise, Serengeti. From 10 of the Best Experiences on a Safari in Africa

Sunrise, Serengeti. Lucas Bruihler