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Thank You In Thirty-Five Languages

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Often-used phrases listed in travel books—most of them concerning directions to the nearest train station or restroom—are surely helpful tips to keep on hand when traveling, but having thank you in the local language as a knee-jerk response, without needing to look it up in a book or on our smartphone, will take us further with locals than we might realize. Even one word of thanks can create a lovely and memorable moment.

Learning a language: 7 great ways to stay motivated

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Are you or do you plan on learning a language? If you are, congratulations - you’ve made a great choice… but there is something you should know (if you haven’t figured it out yet). You will lose motivation at times - it will make you want to quit learning the language, but if you power through, the reward will be huge. Apart from knowing another language, studies show you'll be more adept at solving problems and other tasks that are mentally demanding.

Developing the language and literacy skills of preschoolers through mentorship: The Jumpstart Program

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Katie Blackburn is currently a Site Manager with Jumpstart Pittsburgh, a national non-profit that focuses on developing the language and literacy skills of preschoolers through mentorship.  Katie graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology as well as Minor in Statistics and a Certificate in Russian & East European Studies. As an undergraduate, Katie had participated in the Jumpstart Pittsburgh program.

International Baccalaureate Participates in White House Next Gen High School Summit

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Career-related Programme Highlighted as Innovative Career-track Study for  Today's Global Economy 

On November 10th, the International Baccalaureate (IB) participated in the White House's Next Gen High School Summit, a national conversation on transforming high schools to better serve all students. The IB was invited in recognition of its newest educational program, the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme, or CP. 

A Backpack Full of Dreams

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The thirty-nine ESL students, dark eyed and dark complexioned, each took their turn telling me their name and their country of origin. Mexico. El Salvador. Honduras. Cuba. Peru. Colombia. Ecuador. Lebanon. India. China. Korea.

A Backpack Full of Dreams

Studying Abroad and Learning a New Language

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Studying abroad not only gives you the chance to travel and gain new experiences, but also the opportunity to build a new skill-set that can help your career in the future.

Accidental Poetry: Improve Your English Through Creative Writing

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I recently discovered a GENIUS book that offers a new way to teach English. Penned by Lisa Lieberman Doctor (one of our editors here on Wandering Educators!), this book is both simple and complex. Why is it so genius?

When New Speakers of a Foreign Language Are Reluctant to Converse

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When New Speakers of a Foreign Language Are Reluctant to Converse

Japanese Phrases and Culturally Significant Terms

by Worldschooler / Jul 22, 2009 /
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Here are some basic sentences for beginners learning the Japanese language, with explanations on grammar that show patterns to apply to other sentences. Plus there are some some helpful words that are used often and give a glimse into Japanese culture

The first thing I want to say is learning Japanese is quite doable! I know I started off assuming there must be a mystery to how to speak it since it was so foreign but learning basic Japanese is surprisingly easy.

CARLA looking for volunteer language experts

by Bert Maxwell / Aug 12, 2008 /
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CARLA notes: We need your expertise!

As some of you may know, the CARLA LCTL project maintains a webpage of VOLUNTEER experts -- kind and enthusiastic souls who are willing to answer email questions about their languages.