Croatia, (more than) a beautiful coast

by pimlouis / Oct 02, 2011 / 0 comments

Croatia, love, live and leaving Holland.

Born in The Netherlands (Holland), at the age of 63, I decided it was time to follow my hart, creating a new life in the young democracy called Croatia. 

Formerly part of the Yugoslav republic, it came out of the war entering a new era, a new political system, and soon to follow, membership of the European Union.

Sometimes I call the Balkan region a tectonic plate system, moving and crushing all through history, from Roman days and earlier untill 1995, when the last war ended, making Croatia the young independent democracy it is today.

And like any new born kid it makes many mistakes, but even though it regularly hurts its legs, nose and arms, learning during the proces, climbing up and moving forward.

Its people seem to never loose their love for the country, and since I live their now, I get to understand why they love it ! 

Its history, its culture, its nature, its coast, mountains, woods, even the variation of climates, show a diversity one can only love.

My intention is to show my readers as much of its hidden qualities as possible, especially in the Dalmatia region.

Sure, the Adriatic coast is unique, and yes those hundreds of islands in it are special, which goes for its ancient towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir and more, all of them worth a day, a week, if not longer.

But there is more, behind that coast, in what Croats call the Zagora, the hinterland, as their, more than all those well known places, is where the real life is felt, smelt and enjoyed.

Hope to make you look a bit further, hope to make you fall in love (like I did), making you an insider to a fantastic country.

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