Visiting the Prospect Hotel, Crater Lake, Oregon

by Sarah Nelson / May 01, 2012 / 0 comments

The Prospect Hotel near Crater Lake, Oregon is a great way to combine the pleasures of comfort travel with the experience of rustic travel.


The roughly 130-year-old hotel is a historic attraction in Oregon.  Famous for its food and close proximity to Crater Lake, the Prospect Hotel is truly a landmark to visit.  Although it has had some trouble keeping up with modern times, its old-fashioned food and individualized cottages are an interesting way to step back into the 1880’s, when it first opened and thrived.  The Prospect Hotel was created as a halfway point between Medford, Oregon and Crater Lake.


The historic hotel first became known on the map when many famous people stayed there while making the trip to Crater Lake.  These people included Theodore Roosevelt and Jack London.  Now running as a Bed and Breakfast, the hotel serves as an affordable way for people to be in a close proximity to Crater Lake, while experiencing a rustic adventure.


The Prospect Hotel is also acclaimed for its American-themed dining.  Sunset magazine reviewed the hotel as "the best Dinner House between Medford and Crater Lake." For many people, Oregon is an undiscovered treasure, with lots of history and activities waiting to be found.  The Prospect Hotel is just one hidden gem in the amazing riches of Oregon.


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