Sculpture by Florida Artist becomes Icon in Rebranding a City

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Sculpture by Florida Artist becomes Icon in Rebranding a City

Sculptor Doug Hays is changing the impression of a community with his art.

Last month, in an effort to rebrand Eustis, the City adopted a new logo
featuring the silhouette of the 14' tall stainless steel Blue Heron by

Heron - Doug Hays

The monumental heron sculpture commissioned in 2007 by the city and Public Arts and Music is located in downtown Eustis' historic Ferran Park.  Since
its installation, the impressive sculpture has become a community icon and
favorite photo spot.

Artist Doug Hays is very proud that the sculpture has been chosen to
represent the city. The 2009 United Arts Grant recipient has a long history
with the city of Eustis, having completed their first piece of public art
in 2001.


Since then, Hays has completed many public projects for the City of Eustis
and for Public Arts and Music, a non-profit arts organization.

“Eustis and Public Arts and Music has been very proactive in bringing art
and cultural events to the area”,
says Hays. “There are several sculptures
by many artists on display for visitors to enjoy in downtown, as well as a
museum of art, a theater, and a folk music festival in the fall.”

The new logo is part of a marketing and brand plan by the firm Glatting
Jackson.  The group built consistent for the logo with the help of a
steering committee, made up of the Executive Management Team and
representatives from the Bay Street Players, Lake Eustis Area Chamber of
Commerce, and Eustis Main Street.


Eustis, Florida


"We congratulate the City of Eustis for their selection of one of our state's premier sculptors and an equestrian artist, Doug Hays to create an image that will represent their city.  The Museum of Florida Art is proudly exhibiting  Hays' work now in the  Espiritu Equus and Equus Invitational on display though May 31, 2009.  Hays is very deserving of this recognition.  The image he has created will serve the city well in communicating its identity through Florida art," says Jennifer Coolidge, Executive Director, Museum of Florida Art.

Doug Hays is currently working on a series of Equine sculptures, three of
which are on display at the Museum of Florida Art in DeLand until May 30,

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