Astounding Himalayas

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Himalayan Ranges


 Mountains are ingrained in me and I think I am made only for them. It is impossible for me live away from them and perhaps they also cannot live without me as they keep calling me. I always remained attracted to them been attracted to them. When I worked in Delhi I planned to return to my beloved town, Shimla. This is a lovely town with a population of more than one hundred thousand locales and is set in the north of India from where a panorama of high Himalayan ranges makes everyone keeps his or her eyes wide open. I always wanted to spend my life as a Himalayan Wanderer. The organization called family, is not for me.  I want to go and touch every single particle of the Himalayas and get its blessings.

When I move in the valleys they echo with my footsteps. When I walk on the trails, uphill or downhill, they teach how to achieve the targets. When I touch the tree trunks they move their branches as if they are welcoming me and placing their hands on my heads and offering their blessings. When I stretch myself on a rock near some pool or a stream, the sound of the flowing water looks like a musical description of the beauty around.  I recall the days of my childhood when waterfalls called me and when I roamed in the valleys the birds sang for me. They would glide through the valleys from one tree to another and remained my best companions. When at I home I cried on some broken toy the hills took me in their arms and bounced me in air to let me talk to the moon.

When I was in Delhi I missed all of these companions. I was scared that the black fume might kill not only the leaves but the generations of trees too. It might, one day, leave a big scare on the face of the moon or might suffocate the light of the moon. So I returned to the Himalayas and now standing here on this hilltop I feel like taking the entire valley in my arms and save it from the clutches of industrial pollutants. I wish I could do that. It is not only when I am here in the lower hills but also when I go to the high Himalayas, where there are no trees and only barren mountains decorate the landscape and it remains dotted with the small villages, it attracts me. People over there are as innocent as the wind and are as hospitable as a kitchen. The barren landscape over there is decorated with natural carving, erosion and gives the impression of modern art. Something is always hidden in that and it only my eyes that make out a picture on those huge canvases s and make me stand there and look at them for hours and hours.  One has to be very tolerant and patient while peacefully enjoying these tranquilities. They tow me towards them and I have to maintain my breathing sense in a rhythmic way. It cannot go beyond a limited speed and also a step by step uphill movement helps me to reach the top.

After this tough climb I enjoy the peak of my life, the view from there and I understand that no one can offer me a better opportunity than this to enjoy this type of moments of my life. Life in the towns is very mechanical. People are leading their lives in a limited circle. Their thoughts are limited and their lifestyle is limited too. I do not want all those comforts of life which take me away from the natural processes. Mountains have always been in me so as I also remain always in mountains.


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