A Brighter Alternative of Tamsui Night Street, Taiwan

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Apr 13, 2012 / 0 comments

Tamsui, Taiwan (淡水) is renowned for its night street along the shoreline. You can find all sorts of stores, selling all the street food Taiwan is famous for, whether it is the grilled octopus (as in the picture below), fried sweet potatoes with chilli powder, or the bitter melon juice (which not bitter at all, but adequately “neutralises” the deep-fried evil). Obviously, it is crowded with people, every single night.

Taiwan night market

Image courtesy of roboppy.


On new year's eve, magic happens here. Locals and tourists alike gather at the shore. New year here means a lot more than just counting down. Everywhere, you can see fireworks crackling right in front of you toes. Many will also make their new year wishes by releasing sky lanterns one after the other.


But if you are like me and don’t like places crowded with people, bur prefer green and nature, then you’d better come back the next morning. You will be surprised by the brighter alternative of Tamsui. Near the Tamsui subway station, there are places to rent bicycles. And with the food stores closed in the morning, you have a wide road next to the beautiful Tamsui river to enjoy your ride.

Tamsui, Taiwan

If you are going there with a friend or two, do also check out the tandem bicycles and quadricycles. Even if you are not all that prepared to take your whole ride on the tandem, it won’t hurt giving it a try. There is plenty of space for you and your friends to work it out. They won’t charge you extra if you decide to switch back to normal bikes later. (Great deal, eh?!).



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