My New book "Shimla - A British Himalayan Town"

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Dec 21, 2009 / 0 comments

I have written nothing for last many days. My schedule was not very busy but nothing came to my mind ot nothing I saw that could attract me to make a story to tell. Roaming at the Mall, the Ridge or though the other lanes of Shimla town keep me attracted towards the happenings of the life here.

Last week I had planned to get my new book, "Shimla - A British Himalayan Town" inaugurated through H.H. the Chief mininster Mr. P. K. Dhumal. My friend, so called friend, Sanjay Sood, lured me to help with this task as he himself is a journalist and works as Assistant Public Relation Officer. Due to this post he has good contacts with government officers and media persons. He promised to help and on account of that promise he requested me to help him in conducting a stage show, which I did. But once his show was over then he disappeared. Now he does not call me and if I call him he does not recieve my call.

Another friend of mine, Mr. Pardeep Chauhan, suggested not to get the book innaugurated through any politician as if I do so  then I shall have to give a number of copies complimentery. Since this is a Coffee Table Book so it is expensive too, so I dropped the idea of doing so and have decided to go to the Secretery Tourism and present her a copy of the book and one to H.H. the Chief Mininster. I am going to do so next week and then my book shall be available in the market.

Shimla - A British Himalayan Town

Weather is chilly but there are no signs of snow. People are looking at the sky every day and making different predictions.  A heavy snowfall is expected on the Christmas eve or new year's eve. Here in Shimla we are hopeful to have a white Christmas after a long gap. Hotels are going full and for the said dates they are fullly sold out. Those who did not make their bookings in advance are going to suffer as there are no rooms available in the hotels.

I must put my book at the book shops in a day or two as a large number of tourists are arriving Shimla next week and it might sell very well in those days.This book tells all about Shimla's history, lifestyle, present life, origination & formation of Shimla, railways, bazaars, architecture, heritage, nature and old houses. A number of British burried in the cemeteries of Shimla wait for their decandants to come and pay a homage to their ancestors. This books takes you through the Heritage Zones of the town where a every house has a story to tell. 

You may contact me to order a copy of this book at [email protected]