My Photography Passion: My friends since forever

by Katie Wellman / Nov 25, 2012 / 0 comments

 My biggest photography passions are my animals (or you could call them my lifelong friends). They each have their own unique personality and characteristics. I chose this because I simply love my animal friends and I have been passionate about them ever since I could toddle around on these limbs we call legs. These ones that I will show you are some of my most favorite animals. My animals always listen to me when I’m angry or upset. They are always there to comfort me if something despairing has happened, and last but not least, when I was young I firmly believed they came to life. Now you’ll probably think I’m a crazy nut ball for saying that, but that is what I used to think. Now without further ado let me introduce some of my friends:


Stuffed animal bear

This is my bear Kathy. My favorite great Aunt made her for me. Kathy is very sweet and quietly listens.



Stuffed animal hen

This is Penny the puppet Hen. She is very nosy and likes doing my homework.




This is Ivan, a girl’s best friend. He likes goofing and showing off.He also likes chasing….




…Moonlight. Moonlight is a very shy puppet kitten but also makes a wonderful princess.




This is Socky. She is fairly new around the area but that’s because I sewed her by hand.



Ahoy the mouse

This is Ahoy, the mouse. He’s the captain of the bed and even had his own crew (but that’d take too long to show you).




Last but not least is my favorite. Her name is Cow. Don’t laugh. I have had her as long as I can remember and when I was little that’s what I named her



group photo






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All photos courtesy and copyright Katie Wellman