Wanna come to Moscow?

by Heddi Cundle / Jul 31, 2012 / 0 comments

This is the only information in an email I received from a friend recently – yep, it said JUST that. Do I ever! I’ve never been further east than Prague so yes, I’d love to go to Moscow. A friend of mine has a consumer exhibition running end of September so pretty much told me all expenses would be paid. Which makes the email now even more exciting.


I’ve no idea why I’ve never been to Russia nor Ukraine, Estonia or Latvia. I have a feeling I’d love all these countries and there’s no reason why I’ve not hopped on a plane and visited them while I lived in London for many years. Maybe because I was always so busy but then again, i’ve never not been busy so that’s the worst excuse ever.


So I’m considering this option and the only thing holding me back is my own company. Ironically enough I have a travel gift card and it's ideal for dream travels. I’ve got some cash in my account left over from friends & family gifting me for my birthday and using most of it for a trip to the east coast. Hmmm…. I’m debating how I’ll be able to a: work while I’m there since it’ll also be a social trip, meeting pals I’ve not seen in 10 years, b: addressing the time zone so I’m not working all through the night.


And now I’m thinking that I’ve just given myself silly excuses of hurdles causing me to say no. It’s easy to say no and even writing this, I’ve just convinced myself to say yes.


Which now brings me to the matter of what I want to do in Moscow while I’m there. I’m from Russian descent so as a Jew, I absolutely will want to visit the JCC (Jewish Cultural Center) and will check with the San Fran JCC first so they can set up some introductions. There’s also Moscow Choral Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Moscow and naturally, the Jewish Museum.


Then there’s Izmaylovsky Park, one of the largest parks in the world and 6 times bigger than Central Park. Oh, and I need to fit in time to see UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow Kremlin and Red Square and I absolutely MUST visit the Moscow Zoo. I cannot visit any major city without going to check out the monkeys. Naturally there’s the Kremlin and Gorky Park.


So now it’s down to food and drink! The pal inviting me to Moscow knows the hospitality industry well but I’ll check with him because I’d like to visit Rai Bar, GQ Bar and Prado bar. On the topic of restaurants, I will have to put on rollerblades to visit all these but I can do it (click heels together 3 times): Noah's Ark, Cafe Khachapuri, Varvary, Stolovaya No. 57, Bar Strelka, and Turandot.


Moscow Mule


And finally, I do have a fake fur Russian hat so I’ll bring this along myself because I won’t wear real fur. But I cannot wait to walk down the streets of Moscow with mittens on a string through my padded coat watching both extreme wealth and poverty muddle along their lives, in a heritage and culture that I originated from.


Moscow – I’m coming. Put your earplugs in!





Heddi Cundle is the Social Butterfly Travel Editor for Wandering Educators, and runs myTab.co, an online travel gift card where you gift, save, plan, share and book travels. You can do any or all this on myTab & it’s a whole new way to travel.