Best place to live in Mexico: 10 Reasons to Pick Chapala

by Joy Whitehead / Jan 15, 2013 / 0 comments

There are lots of places to live in Mexico, but which one is the best? Chapala, Mexico has a lot of things that make it the best to me, including friendly locals, great food, and beautiful mountains.

Best place to live in Mexico: 10 Reasons to Pick Chapala

1: In Chapala, there are a lot of retired couples and friendly locals. Because of how many English speakers there are living there, it's not too hard to get by without knowing much Spanish. Many local kids are taught English in private bilingual schools, as well.

2: The great food found here isn't only available in restaurants! You can get some of the best tacos and salsas at roadside stands. When you want food here, you can get it from a roadside stand, and it will taste the same as if you had bought it at a restaurant! The stands almost always have chairs and tables, so you won't have to eat it in your car.

food stand in Chapala, Mexico. From Best place to live in Mexico: 10 Reasons to Pick Chapala

3: Chapala, named after the largest freshwater lake in all of Mexico, is one of several towns that surround the lake. The lake is in a valley surrounded by some tall and beautiful mountains, making it feel peaceful and calming. The weather is almost perfect year-round. The elevation here is around 5,000ft, making it not too cold in the winter, and not too hot in the summer.

4: There's not much traffic! The lakeside town is close to a very large city, Guadalajara, so on weekends there is more traffic on the roads thanks to people coming for a weekend vacation from the city.

5: Another great benefit to living near Guadalajara is that you can get lots of American products without paying a ridiculous price! There are several stores near Chapala that sell items like Pringles and Jif peanut butter. Sometimes, but very rarely, you can even find caffeine free Coke.

6: Hiring someone to help around the house is very affordable. People here work for very little money and they still do a great job. You can hire a maid or a gardener for about $3 an hour.

7: If you like eating out, there is a large variety of restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for Italian, Spanish, American, or Chinese food, you can find it in Chapala.

8: Or, if you like movies, there are two large movie theaters, one in Chapala and the other in a nearby town called Ajijic. They play the same movies found in the USA or Canada, but they're a little later to come out and the tickets are much cheaper.  Even the popcorn, soda, and other snacks are cheap.

9: Most people will like that there is a Wal-Mart! It has a bakery, seafood department, and a pharmacy. It has almost everything that the Wal-Marts in the USA would have.

Best place to live in Mexico: 10 Reasons to Pick Chapala

10: Lastly, there are several animal shelters filled with cute kittens and adorable puppies. These shelters are always packed full, so you'll always be welcome to volunteer, or you can even adopt a pet!

I hope that my article will help you decide that Chapala is the best place to live in Mexico. I think so!




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