Sights of Trinidad and Tobago

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Aug 22, 2008 / 1 comments

This March, we went to Trinidad and Tobago. It was just lovely - the wildlife, the people, and the food! We were amazed at the colorful birds, the abundance of fresh fruit, and the delicious fish. Our family relaxed, learned more about the islands, toured the asphalt lake, and swam, swam, swam. Come join us as we share our photos with you!



Trinidad beach


Red Parrots in Trinidad

Red parrots in Trinidad


Hanging bird nests

Hanging bird nests


Bird sanctuary

Bird sanctuary


Birds eating

Colorful birds eating


birds eating

More birds at table


cacao pods

 Cacao pods


 fish dinner

Fish for our dinner, being prepared at the market


 fruit market

Fruit market


rum at the store

Shelves of run at the store


 coral bricks

Coral was used in building the old buildings and some roads


 sunset, trinidad

Sunset, Trinidad


Asphalt lake, Trinidad

Asphalt lake, Trinidad


Sunset, trinidad

 Sunset, Trinidad



Fresh peppers and okra at the market


 Peppers for sale

Peppers for sale at the market


 fruit, crabs, coconut at the market

Fruit, peppers, crabs, and coconut at the market



Tobago morning


 misty morning, tobago

Misty morning, Tobago


 I've also written here on about Trinidad's Sea Turtles.



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