3 Career Paths Suitable for a Digital Nomad

by Connor Gayne / Jan 23, 2015 / 0 comments

If you want to travel the world and are looking for a job to support that goal, here are three jobs that are portable for digital nomads: being a freelance writer, monetizing a travel blog, and being a website designer (although they may not be jobs for everyone). I chose to explore these three jobs as possible career paths because they interest me greatly. They may not make a lot of money, but if you want to be a traveler, you have to be creative and find a way to earn money while still traveling.

Writing for websites (another’s or your own) is very good for travel because it is portable, so you can do it on a laptop. You can build your reputation, and earn different forms of money like bit-coin, which I find cool. Writing can be done anywhere, and the more places you travel, the more you have to write about. Having internationally traveled before can change and support the way you write. For example, if you have gone to India, it changes your perspective on things, and also changes the way you write.


Writing as a way to fund your travels


There are many different types of blogging, including travel blogging. Travel blogging interests me because it is very creative, it can take you anywhere, and you can write about what you want, when you want. Many people like travel blogging because they can travel for their work! I think travel blogging is great for combining work and travel, because if you are a nomadic traveler you don’t have the constant expenses that someone that lives in one place will have (rent/mortgage, taxes, utilities, etc.). Sometimes travel bloggers don’t have a car because they fly to get places, and then use local transportation. Even though travel blogging may not make a full-time income, bloggers can use their sites to advertise things, like books they have written.


Travel blogging as a way to fund your travels


Another great job that allows for personal travel is designing websites. I am very interested in designing websites, because you have to understand HTML, which I want to learn anyway. It is portable because it can be done on a computer from anywhere. It can make a lot of money.


designing websites as a way to fund your travels



These three jobs appear to me to be the best jobs if you want to travel the world, based on my interests. However, they are still jobs; you need to earn an income even if you are in a tropical paradise. There are many more jobs that are a good fit for digital nomads, as they can be done while traveling. Working while traveling may not be easy, but if you are outgoing, have perseverance, an open mind, are willing to work hard, and a desire to travel, then exploring these types of employment opportunities might be for you.




Connor Gayne is a member of the Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program



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