5 Ways Students Can Travel for Free

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As the most exuberant time of your life, college years give you a colossal experience to remember. But, as perfect as this period may seem, it still features some minor downsides that may prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Yes, college takes up almost all of your time, depriving you of the many possibilities to obtain financial freedom. 

Balancing work and studying is pretty difficult, so you end up immersing yourself in your academic routine. And paying for college can be a challenge, with part time jobs, using family savings, and taking out loans. As a result, you think you are stuck in your academic rut, not able to broaden your horizons and go places. However. it’s not as hopeless as you may think.

Here are 5 proven ways to give you some priceless experiences by travelling at no cost! 

5 Ways Students Can Travel for Free

1. Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking

Perhaps, these modern and extremely adventurous ways of travelling abroad are the most popular among the youth. They’re also very convenient and effective in terms of cutting your costs. While hitchhiking as both a travelling and commuting method has been known for ages, couchsurfing started picking up steam at the beginning of the 2000s. It’s only that you have to be precautious and alert when practising each of the methods. Avoid night hitchhiking, be wary of drivers, and pay close attention to the landlords of the house you are going to spend the night at. 

2. Teaching English

Delivering your knowledge of English when travelling is a perfect way to cover your expenses abroad. Since English is an exceedingly popular language today, people from across the world endeavour to get a better grasp of it. Therefore, they will be most pleased to be educated by a native speaker who is fulfilling part-time job duties while exploring the beautiful locale. 

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3. Volunteering

Taking part in volunteering programs allows students to expand their travelling experience by working in exchange for food and a living place. This practice can take different forms, from working at a small coffee shop to catering for the elderly at retirement homes. This means you have quite an extensive choice of what volunteering job to take up.

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4. Grants

Applying for grants that your college or university offers its students is another lucky catch enabling you to travel the world free of charge. Many colleges and universities provide full financial coverage of students’ traveling programs realized with educational purposes. Normally, such grants are highly competitive and can thus be won...provided you make solid background preparation. These types of international educational experiences are worth their weight in gold...they will change your life!

5. Cultural Exchange

Each year, thousands of students begin to tire of their academic chores, buy college term paper help from services like GPALabs, and take off as participants of cultural exchange programs. Participating in such programs can pave the way for you to travel for free – all the expenditures are covered by the organizations governing these programs. Furthermore, cultural swapping will give you a lifetime chance to get to know other cultures, make new friends, and discover new places.


As a student, you can’t devote all of your life to studying. Instead, it’s better to spend this unique time exploring the unknown and expanding your knowledge of life nad the world.