5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December

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Looking for the best travel destination to explore this holiday season? Keep on reading and we’ll recommend five of the best places that you should be checking out. For sure, you will have a memorable vacation!
5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December


This is highly recommended if you want something unique. Finland is one of the best places to experience a winter wonderland, which will surely make the holiday season more fun. Among others, one of the places that should not be missed is the Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland. It is only 90 minutes by air from Helsinki. Its frosty landscape is perfect for skiing or being pulled by reindeers or huskies. There are also accommodations that will allow you to stay in an igloo! 
Finland. From 5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December


This is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to experience the luxury that Dubai is known for. If budget is not an issue, stay at the famed seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. Shaped like a sail, it stands tall along the coast of Jumeirah Beach. Make sure to check out Palm Jumeirah as well, a collection of man-made islands. This is also a popular venue for sky diving, which should be in your bucket list if you want to experience something that is thrilling. You should also head over to the desert and stay for the night. 
Dubai. From 5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December

Sri Lanka 

This is a good country to visit if you are into nature and history. Kandy, an ancient city, is one of the best places to see if you want to explore the past of Sri Lanka. It also houses the Temple of the Tooth Relic. Yala National Park, meanwhile, is popular for an up close and personal encounter with wildlife. From leopards to elephants, you can see a lot of animals in the wild. For a dose of nature, such as scenic waterfalls, be sure to visit Nuwara Eliya. Galle, on the other hand, is popular for its beaches and whales. 
Sri Lanka. From 5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December


Do something different and explore an exotic destination this December. Visiting Kenya can prove to be an excellent choice. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, will be your jump off point in exploring the country’s best attractions, including Masai Mara. The latter is popular for its game reserves and beautiful safaris lodges, making it the perfect place to spot giraffes and hippos, among others. Other popular destinations for safaris include Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve, and Tsavo National Park. 
Kenya. From 5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December


Gifted with 7,107 islands, this is one country that is an excellent choice for anyone who love sun, sea, and sand. This is truly splendid and will be well-loved by beach lovers. Boracay, which has been repeatedly hailed as the best beach in the world, is known for its white sand and never-ending party. If you would like to try diving, on the other hand, you should go to Cebu. Palawan is another tropical paradise that should be in your list. This multi-awarded destination has been ranked by many travel magazines as the best island in the world. The Underground River, El Nido, and Coron are some of Palawan’s gems that are waiting for you.
Philippines. From 5 Beautiful Places to Travel in December