Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

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Camping is an excellent choice for outdoor activities for those who love nature but are not ready for extreme hikes or don't like them (raises hand!). 

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

To have the most successful camping experience, you must first choose and buy a suitable tent. If you are not on vacation alone, you should consider 4-person cabin tents.

A good camping tent should have the following characteristics:

Robust construction that protects you from wind and rain;

The tent must be made of water-repellent material;

Availability of a particular space for storing personal belongings;

Thoughtful ventilation;

A functional possibility of installing a mosquito net;

Additional equipment: holders for flashlights, shelves, pockets, and compartments for things.

If you are planning a vacation with a large group, it is advisable to have several entrances to the tent so that you do not disturb other people when you want to leave the tent at night. As for the options for sleeping, it is better to choose self-inflating mattresses and pillows, as well as silicone blankets made of holofiber or sintepon (but ordinary sleeping bags will do).

This camping guide will teach you a plethora of things related to camping and outdoor activities.

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?
Let's be honest, your camping setup will probably not look like this. We can wish, though...

The list of necessary Equipment: everything you need for a comfortable rest

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

The choice of camping equipment depends on the available benefits of civilization.

For camping during a festival, you don't need to worry about having water and a shower, but in the wild, you need to bring essentials and a portable battery. This also applies to access to the power grid; you don't need to think about it in developed areas. 

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

In general, you will also need the following items:

Containers for storing products (especially important in bear country)

Power banks

Gas burner, compact gas stove, barbecue, or grill

Kitchen utensils and cutlery

Coffee system (let's be honest, it's critical)

Accessories and hygiene items: towels (from microfiber or disposable paper), soap, toothpaste, comb, razor, and other personal hygiene items

A large blanket, sleeping bags, or portable folding furniture

Waterproof raincoats

Portable and travel lanterns

First aid kit

Trash system (burning garbage is not only harmful to the environment but also dangerous. Bring unique bags with you and throw the collected waste in the trash at the end of your trip)

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?


Bringing the correct clothing is important. Regardless of the season, you should be prepared for any changes in the weather. The optimal choice is a fleece jacket designed for seasonal temperatures and a mandatory additional sets of socks and underwear. 

Convenient camping equipment for outdoor activities

What could be nicer than escaping from the suffocating city and living in the bosom of nature: waking up to birds singing, admiring the sunrise and sunset, and sitting by the fire with friends? But for those far from the original romance, such a vacation can seem like a real test. 

True, it is difficult to sleep in a tent; we cannot wash or cook easily, the phone may not work (and therefore, there is no internet), but there are many mosquitoes and flies. But don't panic! You can organize your camping holiday with incredible comfort today. By choosing the right equipment, you will have an enjoyable time reveling in nature

Even better, camping equipment is transported by car, so its weight and quantity are relatively small. What do we need for comfort? A cozy house with a comfortable bed and a hot shower at the end. All this can be arranged realistically far from civilization.

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

Cozy tent for camping

When choosing a camping tent (your comfortable camping holiday home), you cannot be guided by weight and size; you must rely on the comfort it can offer.

How is a camping tent different from a backpacking tent? It is easy to understand if you compare the tasks of backpacking and camping. For a backpacker, the most important thing is to travel along a beautiful and exciting route. Hikers carry all their equipment, including the tent, without too much effort, as they are in a new place almost every day. 

A backpacking tent should be light (the lighter the weight of the tent, the better), compact, waterproof, windproof, and protected from bad weather. The desire for lightness, compactness, and wind resistance leads to a decrease in the volume of the tent and its height. Generally, a tent is always a delicate compromise between functionality and acceptable comfort. 

Camping tents are entirely different. The task here is a good rest in a beautiful place. Everything necessary for camping is usually brought by car, and the camp is set up for a while in one place. But even if you move to another site, your equipment is still transported by car. In this case, there is an opportunity to get a vacation with all amenities!

Camping tents are durable and portable shelters in the wilderness that provide the right level of comfort and personal space. Compared to a backpacking tent, it's practically a palace! A camping tent is much heavier and larger than a backpacking tent Camping tents, as a rule, are high tents; in many of them, you can stand quietly and move comfortably - some even have woodstoves! If backpackers usually only sleep in tents (or wait out bad weather), then in spacious camping tents, you can fully live comfortably. Such a tent will comfortably fit a group of people without any restrictions.

When choosing a camping tent, you should consider several important points:

Reliable material and construction 
Each tent is primarily a shelter designed to protect against bad weather. The tent must have a stable frame. Arches can be made of fiberglass and aluminum. The material from which it is made must be waterproof. 

Well-organized interior
It is excellent if the tent has many mesh pockets for small items, shelves, and loops for personal items. All this makes life much more accessible and helps maintain order in the tent. 

Active ventilation 
In some models, many ventilation windows, holes, and mesh ceilings are designed to ensure adequate ventilation even in the hottest hours. 

Mosquito net
All entrances, exits, windows, and openings for tents must be firmly secured with mosquito netting. Protection against insects will significantly increase the enjoyment of your vacation!

How to camp in luxury

It should be noted that such tents are usually much more expensive than backpacking tents. But the comfort they can offer you is many times greater, including a comfortable bed for a good rest. While relaxing in nature, take care of healthy sleep. Soft self-inflating mattresses can provide this. 

Regular carpets can keep moisture out of the floor, but we're talking about comfort; bring a high-quality rug. 

Choose almost any self-inflating mattress from a good company. Be sure to bring your favorite pillow. You can also think about inflatables. For example, tiny inflatable pillows, when folded, allow you to sleep peacefully under any conditions. A few breaths and you have a soft, pleasant-to-the-touch pillow. 

Taking a large sleeping bag as a blanket with you. If necessary, it can be folded entirely and unfolded throughout the tent. 

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?

The best thing in camping in warm weather is a hammock! The hammock is a symbol of summer and carefree rest. If you have a large family, take a couple of hammocks with you to avoid competing to be the first to lie down: hammocks will not be superfluous!

Camping: what to take with you for a comfortable, unforgettable vacation besides a tent?