Earning Money While Traveling: Freelance Essay Writer Guide

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Freelance writing is one of the best ways to earn money from home or other location that inspires you to work. Traveling for weeks or months while staying focused on delivering quality work is not for everybody, though, but is not something that you can’t do. With a proper attitude, love for travel, consistency, and writing skills you can live a thriving digital nomad life

The truth is, you don’t have to have a big budget to start traveling and working as a freelance essay writer. You’ll just have to take advantage of the many jobs available online on special websites like Upwork, People Per Hour, Online Writing Jobs, and others. 

Besides, if you have been working as an educator or writer, you don’t have to have any additional expertise to start working online. For example, you already have the skills of researching information, and writing effective essays on various topics. 

If you know how to do that and your first destination is an affordable one, starting a freelance essay writing career is not nearly as complicated and impossible as you may think. 

Let’s see how you can travel and write. 

Earning Money While Traveling: Freelance Essay Writer Guide

1. Landing Your First Writing Project

Before you buy that ticket and head for an airport, exploring what’s available to you is a must. In addition to seeing your options at the aforementioned Upwork, Online Writing Jobs, and People per Hour, there many other websites that offer freelance writing projects with a pretty good pay.

You can begin the search of these websites by using the following keyword phrases:
“Freelance writing jobs”
“Paid writing gigs”

The search will return a lot of websites, so take a look at your options and see which ones have the projects you can complete successfully. 

Then, create an account on the platform you liked, complete your profile, and start applying for jobs. 

2. Prepare While you’re Still in Your Home Country

This might be the best piece of advice at the point where you’re still home and working your regular job. 

If you seriously want to become a freelance essay writer, you have to prepare now before you’ve got nothing to lose if you don’t land freelance projects for a while. While quitting your day job and flying to some exotic destination sounds great, it’s simply not a good decision for your freelance business because you don’t have the foundations in place.

By foundations, we mean a form of stable income from freelancing. If you decide to leave without any form of income from writing essays and other works, you’d be living off the money you made thanks to your office job. It’ll help you last a month or two, but what’s next?

“To avoid unnecessary panic and other problems, start building your freelance business while you’re still working your office job,” recommends Ben Hood, a freelancer at College Paper. “Take some writing projects and try to get at least one stable, long-term contract so you can be confident when you quit your job and buy that ticket.”

3. Choosing the First Destination 

Sorry, but your favorite destination will have to wait a little bit because you have to choose an affordable one at this time. Even if you have a sufficient budget to cover a trip to a destination like Barcelona, it’s strongly advised to save that money for spending until your income from the freelance career is consistent. 

So, we recommend a destination where the cost of accommodation and living is cheap for you (less than $400 would be a good start but the final number depends on your budget and available options). 

4. Build a Strong Portfolio

If you haven’t worked as a freelancer before, you need to know the importance of having a strong portfolio. A collection of your best works can be a deciding factor when it comes to attracting new customers, especially at the beginning stage. 

Your portfolio could consist of research papers, essays, blog articles, and other writings that you’ve done recently. 

Here are the tips on how to use portfolio in your freelance business:
• Find your best writing works that represent your style of writing and level of expertise
• Upload at least five works to your freelancer profile
• When writing an application to a potential customer, mention that they can check out your portfolio on your profile.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a freelance writer and traveling around the world is something that you can achieve with a proper consideration and preparation. As you can see, it’s not as complicated and impossible as many people think, so feel free to explore freelance writing websites to see your income options. Remember, dependability and impressive writing can make your dream of traveling come true, so focus on delivering good work and satisfying your clients. 

Earning Money While Traveling: Freelance Essay Writer Guide