Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently

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Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

Students who travel frequently face the same problems with writing as the students who don't travel at all – but they have a much broader range of experiences from which to draw from! This will enrich your writing in more ways you thought possible – from cultural differences to being able to globally write with all 5 senses.

Here are 5 essay writing tips for high schoolers and college students who travel - but even if you don't spend most of your time on the road, you will find them useful. 

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

#1. The Plan is King

Everyone needs a plan for their schoolwork, but you probably need it more than others. Why? Well, it’s not easy to have a routine when traveling. There are so many things to do and places to explore!

There are two major ways to optimize your daily research and writing.

First, you need a list of things you need to do. Pretty standard, right? Yes, but not all the people truly follow this piece of advice. Write your to do list and put the most valuable tasks at the top. Don't procrastinate! As Nike says, Just Do It.

Another way is to plan not the tasks, but the time you are ready to spend working. Use a Pomodoro timer, or set it up on your phone. Pomodoro is 25 minutes +5 minutes rest. Decide how many pomodoros you are ready to "eat" today, and just keep going. Don't forget to take a 15 minute break after each 4 pomodoros, so you don’t get exhausted. Reward yourself with a walk, some gelato or espresso, or another local treat, wherever you are.

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

#2. Put Your Experience into Your Writing 

Traveling broadens your horizons immensely, and writing assignments are the perfect way to include this - and wow your teachers. Include what you have learned, seen, tasted, felt, and heard in your trips into writing (5 senses writing!).

Make sure your descriptions are bright, vivid, and engaging.

The more you bring the world into your writing, the more impact it has. This is especially true for college applications – you’ve got a vastly different experience to draw from than most high school students.

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

#3. Remember Time Zones 

Some educators are very strict when it comes to the due dates of your assignments. If you travel a lot, make sure that you always know the exact time in your school's time zone, so you don't get an incomplete or an F for submitting your excellent paper later than needed. 

My best tip, though? Submit everything early, so this isn’t an issue.

#4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Travelling is not only fun. 

It is time-consuming, it is exhausting, and it brings a lot of “garbage” time into your normal life.

It is not just commuting in its standard form, it is more than that — you have to wait for planes, trains, and buses. You wait in hotels, you wait in lines, flights get canceled, you wait for a meal, and so on. 

To reduce the negative effect of all this on your writing, utilize technology. For example, use free programs which decipher voice recordings into the texts. You can record some parts of your essays and then just edit it when you are at your laptop. This way you will both save time and can find time to write, wherever you are.

Tip: There will not always be wifi available. If you are writing on your device, be sure to use an app (notepad, etc.) that doesn’t use wifi, so you don’t lose your work. 

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

#5. Use Online Assistance

Some of it is free, some is not, but the question always is how do you find help when you need it? Some order high school essays from online professional writing services, some order a collection of references, some order an editor’s help, and some pay for services like Grammarly, as they don’t have enough time to edit papers themselves. Whatever way you choose, make sure to check the reliability of the source. 

Tip: we don’t recommend using free online essay samples, as most of them are fully plagiarized. 

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Travel Frequently.

Frequent travel, whether you are a nomadic family or just try to pack in as much travel as you can, can be a blessing or a nightmare.

When you’ve got to include homework in the mix, it’s a good idea to have a plan so that you get your work done, and maximize this glorious opportunity called travel.

What are your best tips for getting your academic work done while on the road?