A Family RV Adventure: The Kids Perspective

by Miranda Boyink / Nov 23, 2013 / 0 comments

After staying in Michigan for the summer, just moving one hour every other week or so, my family was ready to move on... until we heard that our very good friends, the Keiters, were heading our direction. Being as close to them as we were (Harrison and I often refer to the three kids as our brother and sisters), we decided to wait around a bit longer. We weren’t disappointed.

The Keiters are a family of five (plus two pet rats) who took a trip for a year in an RV, beginning January of 2013. These Floridians love visiting national parks and monuments, and realized there was a lot to see in America. They’ve been enjoying it very much and are deciding what to do next as their year of travel draws to a close. I thought it would be interesting to interview my friends, and ask them about their year of travel.




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