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Just over the hills from us & into Tuscany, in the tiny town of Montisi you can experience Italy like no other, flying high in the sky - hot air ballooning over the Tuscan hills!
Ballooning in Tuscany

We did this on our honeymoon & keep thinking its time to go back!
So I figured I'd relive the memories & share it here.

It was late April & we arrived around 6 am we had no idea what to expect. We barely slept the night before with the excitment to come & totally nervous we'd sleep through our alarm. Upon arrival at the stone house of Robert & Liz we could see our adventure literally laid out on the grass before us....there it was - the balloon!

the balloon
This was one of the coolest things ever - not only watching, but helping blow up the balloon!


up up...

After we were filled with hot air we lifted up, not knowing when or where we'd touch down again.
robert ballooning in tuscany

Our friend Robert Etherington pilots the balloon & gives a lovely tour of the towns as you float over top! His wife Liz races about in their on land, looking for a place for us to land. Up in the sky we'd don't have a care in the world. The hills are vibrant green, we see a family of wild boar heading into dense woods, a flock of sheep scatter as we graze their fields and we marvel at our shadow left on the land below....



Once we found the spot to land Jason jumped out to test the ground - would it be a good landing spot...oopse! not here - jump back in quick! Flashes of Dorothy & The Wizard of Oz run through my head! Robert is the great Oz for sure!

After another attempt we have found our spot to land & devour a champagne breakfast in a field of sheep ~ can it get any better than this!

To book your unforgettable ride: Ballooning in Tuscany
Montisi & Ballooning in Tuscany is a 2 hour drive from our agriturismo & cooking school.


Ashley Bartner is the Living in Italy Editor for Wandering Educators.

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