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Heading out to travel, and need help with keeping your kids entertained? We've got the itouch, ipod, and laptop all set up. NOW - one of the most critical parts - the headphones. We've tried a variety of headphones for our daughter. FINALLY, we've found one that works - and is stylish, she notes.


DJ sport headphones


Our newest find is DJ Sport Headphones. We were sent a review pair and just LOVE them. They have amazing sound quality, and look good, too! And, at $35, DJ Sport headphones offer high quality sound at a price fashion-savvy music lovers (and parents who want to talk instead of listen to music) find refreshing.

The DJ Sport Headphones are made by chicBuds, who have a whole line of headphones. These DJ sport headphones come in multicolored (ala Bob Marley) and pink and black - guess which color our fashionista chose? Yes. Think pink.


DJ Sport headphones


These headphones are now carried everywhere with us - and even used in the house, for listening to her computer when there are other things going on. Our daughter LOVES them. She notes that the sound is perfect for both audio books and music. She likes that they fold, and fit into her travel bag. The adjustable size works for her and grownups. She loves to dance in the backseat while we're driving. It makes the time fly, and destinations appear that much sooner.


DJ Sport headphones


These headphones are perfectly made for travel - they fold up into a small unit, so they fit into your carryon (or pocket). The earphone portion creates a comfortable and insulated space that blocks out the white noise of the environment. You can use them with almost any listening device, including iPods and iPhones, mp3 players, airplane connectors, and computers.

They are fun, fashionable, and work well.


DJ Sport headphones


Folds up for ease of storage and convenient use
Adjustable headband for a comfortable fit
Insulating sound
Driver unit: 44mm diameter dome
Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 108dB±3dB at 1kHz 3000
Frequency response: 5Hz to 20KHz
Plug: 3.5mm stereo plug
Cord length: 1.5m




Want some for yourself (or your kids)? Head to




DJ Sport headphones



Note: We received a review pair of DJ Sport Headphones from chicBuds. Thank you!

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