A Kid's Perspective on Star Wars: In Concert

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Dec 06, 2009 / 0 comments

I loved Star Wars: In Concert - it tells you all about Star Wars. If you don't know Star Wars already, you will sure like it. It tells you part by part by part all about the Star Wars movies.


Star Wars: In Concert


It made me want to watch Star Wars movies again (and again), and also play our wii game of Lego Star Wars. Right now we're having a Star Wars weekend, watching all of the movies!

I liked it because it was so cool to hear the music, and see clips from the film. The actor that was C-3PO was the narrator and he was really funny. He wore a gold vest under his tuxedo! He also talked like C-3PO sometimes.


Star Wars: In Concert


The musicians were awesome. I really liked the flames that shot up, and all the laser lights.

In the lobby, there were exhibits and costumes. I could see Chewy and got my photo taken by the Queen Amidala costumes.

The funny thing was that some people bought light sabers and you could see them in the dark.


Star Wars: In Concert


Star Wars: In Concert


I recommend going to see Star Wars: In Concert. IT was SO MUCH FUN!!

Star Wars: In Concert is a unique event that combines John Williams' unforgettable music, performed by a live symphone orchestra and chorus, with specially edited footage from all six Star Wars films. Through each musical piece, audiences will experience the key themse, characters and story elements of the epic Star Wars saga from a new perspective - taking a remarkable excursion into the heart of a galaxy far, far away.

For more information, please visit www.StarWarsInConcert.com.

Star Wars: In Concert is produced by Another Planet Touring in association with Lucasfilm Ltd.


You can read more about our experience here


We attended as guests of Star Wars: In Concert.


Star Wars: In Concert





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