A la Carte Maps for Hong Kong, Miami, Singapore, and Vancouver

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Oct 02, 2010 / 0 comments

A la Carte Maps are now available for Hong Kong, Miami, Singapore and Vancouver

Two young Swiss entrepreneurs aim at “revolutionizing” the traditional way of traveling with a combination of map, guidebook and piece of art. Four exciting new cities are available now.  

The idea for A la Carte Maps emerged during a one year trip around the world: Frustrated with thick guidebooks as well as unhandy city maps, two Swiss globetrotting entrepreneurs decided to “revolutionize” the traditional way of traveling by combining guidebook, city map and a piece of art in one unique product. The concept is simple: Imagine you had a local friend in exciting cities all over the world. Not only will this friend provide you with the most important information about your city, he or she will also reveal the city's best-kept insider tips by writing them on a hand-drawn map. The new maps for Hong Kong, Miami, Singapore as well as Vancouver just came out this week and are now available for purchase.

A la Carte Maps aims at „flashpackers“ – backpackers that love to journey in style. Flashpackers are independent, clever, curious, adventurous, passionate and sophisticated. Instead of just seeing things, they want to experience them. Flashpackers don’t have a fixed itinerary, love the uncommon and are not afraid of the unknown. They actively seek an authentic travel experience off the beaten track: Wherever they go, they never go there as “tourists”. Whenever possible, they try to grasp the city’s spirit by breathing it. Living it. Embracing it like the locals do.

A la Carte Maps come in a handy format (42x70cm) and can easily be folded to 10x21cm. All maps are made of high-quality material and are additionally matt-laminated which makes them moisture-resistant and durable. All the maps are designed by talented young artists trying to capture the spirit of the city making each map unique in its appearance.
Launched in August 2009, these little pieces of art are currently available for 14 cities across the world. A la Carte Maps have been featured by New York Times, Travel & Leisure, GLAMOUR, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Lufthansa Inflight Magazine, Stern, NZZ as well as many other publications. The maps are currently sold in book stores, gift shops and hotels in 11 countries; the full product range is also available online.


A la Carte Maps: Discover the world à la carte.

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