Peeps on Parade in Chicago

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Apr 29, 2009 / 3 comments

On our recent trip to Chicago, we happened on the most amusing window display. Not the usual tall skinny faceless models with gorgeous clothes on, this window display made people laugh and take LOTS of photos! It was so very fun and we didn't mind standing out in the rain to laugh.  Housed in a window of WGN studios right next to the river at Michigan Avenue, each part of the peeps window display was so very creative.


The bunnies were so cool and I couldn't stop looking! 

From Mary Poppins (which we saw and loved) to a hilarious art museum tableau, to a "peeps" side show, to a parade with Peeprogis - this is creativity at its finest. Let's explore...


Side Show Peeps - window display - Chicago

Side show peeps


Peeprogi Fest - Chicago

Peeprogi Fest 2009 - Peep Parade


Peeps on Parade - Chicago

Peeps on Parade


Peeps on Parade, Chicago

The bunny hut


Side Show Peeps, Chicago

Side Show Peeps


Mr. Peeper's Peeprogi - Chicago

Mr. Peeper's Peeprogi - Chicago - I'll take a marshmallow one, please...


Peeps art museum, Chicago

Peeps Art Museum, Chicago


Peeps art museum, Chicago

Peeps art museum, Chicago - note Vincent Van Peep's bloody ear


Peeps in Chicago

Peep parade audience


Cyclops peep

Cyclops peep at the sideshow


peep octopus



Mary Peepins

Mary Peepins - my favorite! 


If you're in downtown Chicago, please stop by the windows soon to laugh yourself silly at these great peeps!  GO quickly, before they are eaten (we all know they taste best stale)...


L Forteau is the Special Children's Reporter for Wandering Educators





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