Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

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Think of Japan, and you’re likely to imagine fast trains, sumptuous sushi, amazing technology and society and culture like no other. Welcome to the land of convenience where everything just seems to work, but there is more to experience than these for visitors on a trip to Japan. 

Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

Full of mesmerizing landscapes and incredible sites, Japan offers a special treat for travelers looking for something different in their travel itinerary. You’re probably asking yourself what’s the best time to visit Japan, what destinations to visit, how to get around and other questions. Here are our travel tips for your Japan vacation.

Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

Best Time to Visit Japan

When planning any trip, the first step is to decide when to go. As with any other destination, there’s a best time visit Japan. The most preferred time for many people is during the season of cherry blossoms. While this is high season time for visitors, traveling from late March to May is great as the weather tends to be pleasant and a bit mild. 

Autumn is also a great time to visit, from September to late November when the leaves are changing. If you’re the type of visitor who’s looking for summer fun, June to August is the best time to travel, although it can get quite hot. 

Getting to Japan

Most top airlines have direct flights to Japan. Check the status of flights into Japan early enough and check which airline and route is the most convenient for you before booking. Some of the top Japanese airlines include Japan Airlines and ANA. 

If you’re flying from the US, you can use most airlines flying internationally like American and United. To make the most out of your trip, consider flying into one Japanese city and out of another, like flying into Tokyo and out of Kyoto. This will save you both money and time.  

Top Japan Destinations

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting places to visit in Japan. Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo top the list for every visitor, but there are many more places to visit. Book one amongst many Japan tours for visitors, as there’s so much to see and do in different cities and other less-known locations. 

Some of the top things you can do in Japan include: 

• Eating world-famous sushi and other foods, like gyoza and ramen in Tokyo
• Seeing beautiful cherry blossoms
• Touring the magnificent temples of Kyoto, such as the ‘Golden Temple’
• Spending the night in a Japanese traditional ryokan, or inn
• Soaking in communal, traditional hot springs (Onsens)
• Visiting Hiroshima’s historical Peace Memorial Park and Museum
• Enjoying captivating views of Mount Fuji 
• Taking a hike to the Great Buddha of Kamakura

How to Move Around 

Just like in big cities around the world, you’ll find different options for moving around, just on a more refined scale. Japan’s train network is expansive and offers one of the best and most economical ways to visit different places in the country. 

Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

Although a worry-free form of transport for visitors, individual tickets can be quite costly. Also, keep in mind the distance between each destination. So long as you have a train linking your chosen destinations, you’re guaranteed to travel around with ease. Japan’s trains are among the best in the world.   

Tipping in Japan 

Unlike the United States and other countries where tipping is customary, it might be considered rude or even refused in Japan, where tipping is not considered customary. To avoid any awkward moments, simply don’t tip when traveling in Japan. A travel guide website notes that learning a few do’s and don'ts during your trip is important. 

Don’t forget to take in all the Japanese culture, like traditional wooden buildings, clean and minimalist food in stand-up bars, amazing futuristic architecture, city life, and scenic attractions outside the big cities. Enjoy your journey!