On the Road: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Baseball

by Harrison Boyink / Dec 24, 2013 / 0 comments

So you're on the road in America. But you're also a big fan of a Major League Baseball team. Being on the road, you can't go to your team's ballpark to watch a game. You still want to get your baseball fix. You do have a few options. Here are five to help satisfy that craving for live baseball.

On the Road: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Baseball

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, adapted by Wandering Educators

#5: Watch a college game

While most of the players won't even make the minors, the quality of the game is still great. Whether or not you even know who the starting pitcher is, or that the players use the best BBCOR bats, catching a college game can be very enjoyable. You can easily find the scouts behind home plate, and you might even be able to chat with the parents of the next Bryce Harper.

Aggie shortstop Jose Duran

Aggie Shortstop Jose Duran. Wikimedia Commons: Stuart Seeger

#4: Go to a road game

Unless you're watching a local league using one field, your favorite team has to travel. So, if you're out traveling, you can catch a game in someone else's territory. Just because your replica jersey doesn't match the home team doesn't mean you don't belong there. Plus, you know at least most of one team's lineup. You may get heckled a little; that just means the other team's fans aren't focusing on the game – probably because your team's winning.

On the Road: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Baseball

Photo: Harris Boyink

#3: Watch a spring training game

If you find yourself in Florida or Arizona in March, of course this is a no-brainer. Maybe a better idea is to use Spring Training as an excuse to go to Florida or Arizona. Either way, watching the major league stars at cheaper ticket prices is a must-do – even if Miguel Cabrera gets replaced by a no-name infielder in the 5th inning.

Baseball's Spring Training

#2: Attend a minor league game

There's a lot going for the minor league experience. The stadiums are smaller, with the biggest being around 20,000. Team names are more creative - where else can see teams such as the Intimidators, the TinCaps, the Sand Gnats, or the Iron Pigs? The players are friendlier; not making millions of dollars, most players will willingly give out autographs or even just shoot the breeze with the fans – after all, they are here to play baseball. And, of course, everything is cheaper, as teams don't charge major league prices.

On the Road: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Baseball

Flickr Creative Commons: Josh Hill

#1: Visit Cooperstown

Cooperstown, New York. Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. More like a museum, the Hall – which is in the downtown strip of Cooperstown, not in its own building – holds history like a Honus Wagner baseball card, various cleats and jerseys, and bases from big games. The place does have the Hall section, where 300 individuals each have their own plaque on the wall. If you're in town, walk down the street and take a look at Doubleday Field, used by various leagues around Cooperstown. It's another great place to watch a game.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Wikimedia Commons: Wknight94 talk

Baseball. America's Pastime is still played all over America. Get out there. Go watch a game somewhere. Also, bring your radio along in your travels. You may be able to pick up a game or two along the way.

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On the Road: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Basebal

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