Tips for Family friendly holidays in Tenerife

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Apr 26, 2012 / 0 comments

As with any destination, when taking your kids on holiday to the Canary Islands’ pride and glory, Tenerife, it’s a good idea to avoid a chorus of “I’m bored” and do some research on the family-friendly activities that are available in the area. Most large cities or resort towns will have a range of attractions and things to do for kids, and this island paradise is no different. To make sure your little ones don’t get bored and restless on your trip to Tenerife, we’ve rounded up some of the most child-friendly attractions to enjoy while you’re there.



Spot the marine wildlife on a boat trip

Many operators in Tenerife offer boat trips out to sea to spot pilot whales and dolphins. Kids and adults alike will love the chance to spot these unusual and mysterious creatures frolicking in the waves, and the thrill of the boat speeding about is also bound to keep young thrill-seekers happy. However, make sure you choose an operator that follows distance guidelines for minimising disturbance to whales.

Dolphins leaping in Tenerife. Image credit: Doegox via Flickr

Dolphins leaping in Tenerife. Image credit: Doegox via Flickr



Discover underwater adventures with introductions to scuba diving

Probably more suitable for the older family members, scuba diving is a great way to keep your teens entertained. Los Gigantes Diving Centre offers two-hour Discover Scuba adventures for kids over 14, where they’ll learn the basics of scuba diving and have an adrenaline packed afternoon exploring the briny deep with an oxygen tank and a scuba suit -  and will be feeling like the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau in no time.



Saddle Up!

If your kids love nature and animals, they’ll like the idea of an authentic camel ride at the El Tanques Camello Centre. Children can be led around a short track on the back of a camel, or they can try and master the animal themselves if they’re old (and brave!) enough. For those who prefer their steeds a little less humpy, you can always take in a pony ride at the Oasis del Valle in the Oratava Valley.



Climb the highest peak in Spain

If your kids are the adventurous and outdoorsy type, they’ll adore Mount Teide, the highest peak in the whole of Spain, and a hiker’s dream. The acres of wide open space and moonscape rock formations are fascinating to see, and there are more trees and boulders to climb than a kid can shake a stick at – great news for little adventurers. The views from the summit also make for an impressive family photo, and there’s an eight-minute cable car directly to the top for those that don’t fancy the climb.

The stunning landscape of Mount Teide. Image credit: JCs Photos via Flickr

The stunning landscape of Mount Teide. Image credit: JCs Photos via Flickr

Splash out at Siam Park

Siam Park is one of Europe’s largest waterparks, and features a wide array of aquatic adventures and rides, from the more adventurous and adrenaline-fuelled Tower of Power (a 28m vertical-drop slide) to more placid waters at the Mai Thai lazy river ride. Siam Park also has a wide array of restaurants and eateries so you can grab a bite to eat, should you decide to spend all day here.


The reputation that Tenerife has as one of Europe’s most consistently popular resorts is certainly justified, and the wide variety of family-friendly activities available means that there’s something for every age. So if you’re looking for a  bargain on your next family holiday in Spain, or accommodation information on Tenerife hotels, visit the MyTravel website.