A Train In The Sky

by Gabriel Miller / Apr 17, 2013 / 0 comments

A train is a loud thing when you are in it, and this train was no exception. In the rear of the train, we stationed ourselves. For most of the time, it was quiet. I sat in the very back with the sun beating the hills around me, creating yellows brighter and more pure than any painter could create and bringing out the greens in the trees. The wind blew about me, whipping the hair around my face. This was a tour of New Zealand that is extremely cool. It brings you through places you can’t get to without taking a train. No cars were able to come, and there were no airports. It was a secluded place stuck in the South Island of New Zealand.





The tour is called Taieri Gorge. The Taieri Gorge tour is something that is very easy to get to and a good thing for people who are handicapped to do because you don’t have to do anything except sit there and look out the window. I would recommend it to any looking for a good experience of the countryside of New Zealand. You can learn more about the tour at http://www.taieri.co.nz.





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