Travel With Ease Using These 6 Essential Travel Items

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Traveling is a lot more fun when essential items are packed. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a lengthy trip, our six most essential items are described below. Your trip will be less stressful, more enjoyable, and you can be assured you will have everything you need the most.

Travel With Ease Using These 6 Essential Travel Items

1) Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks last for years, are ideal for traveling light, and are comfortable and sturdy. You can pack everything from traveling documents to electronics to clothing. Your backpack can be used for essentials, or as a carry-on. You can find backpacks with adjustable straps for comfort, tear resistance, waterproofing, and including anti-theft features. We recommend fitting one before purchasing, to be sure that everything works for YOUR body.

2) Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are ideal whether you are traveling on a plane, car, bus, or train. Most travel pillows offer support for your neck and head, in addition to comfort. You can relax, read a book, or take a nap to ensure you are refreshed when you reach your destination. Some of the seats available for transportation are far less comfortable than desired. In most cases, pillows are not available. The best way to make certain you will be comfortable is by bringing along your own travel pillow.

3) Water Filter

Unfortunately, the water quality in many areas is poor. If you are traveling overseas, a water filter is critical. Travel Berkey offers an excellent water filter. You want something portable, with the capacity to hold a lot of water, and not too heavy. This will ensure you do not become ill from drinking questionable water.

4) Packable Jacket

You never know exactly what the temperature will be when you arrive at your destination. The ideal solution is a packable jacket. Whether it is raining, the evenings are cool, or you experience an unexpected drop in temperature, you will be prepared. You want to purchase a jacket that is comfortable, fits well, and looks great. A traditional jacket will take up a lot of room in your backpack or luggage. The beauty of a packable jacket is it requires extremely little space, offers warmth, and is available in a nice selection of colors and styles.

5) Comfortable Shoes

No matter where you are going, the chances are good you will be doing a lot of walking. There are always attractions, natural sites, shops, and restaurants you will want to visit. Comfortable shoes are critical for your enjoyment. When your feet hurt, you will be unable to enjoy your holiday. Your shoes should be trendy, sturdy, and have very comfortable soles. Your best option is purchasing a pair that is also waterproof.

You may encounter dirty streets or unexpected rain. Waterproof shoes will not only keep your feet protected, but they are also extremely easy to clean. You can travel during any season, go on hikes, or do a lot of walking...all in comfort. If you intend to explore, consider waterproof sneakers. For fall or winter, tall, knee-length boots offer protection from both rain and snow.

For rough winter terrain, consider waterproof, ankle-length boots. You can always find new styles to compliment anything you intend to wear on your trip.

6) Compact Camera

A lightweight, compact camera, in addition to your phone camera, is essential for capturing memories of your adventures. You will look at your photographs for many years. The latest cameras are lightweight, take excellent pictures, and have batteries lasting throughout the day. You will always have a good camera available because you can carry it in a purse, or around your neck. Your best option is a simple point and shoot camera.

You have your choice of numerous excellent brands, depending on your preferences. You should also purchase a lightweight camera case for protection against any bumps or scratches. If you ever drop your camera, you will be glad you had a strap (don't ask me how I know this).

Enjoying Your Vacation

The most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy life. Eliminating the possibility of doing without something you need, or having to make an extravagantly expensive purchase, will ensure your getaway is even better. Remember to pack all of your essentials...and have fun.