Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

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Often forgotten and underestimated (probably because of the location), Bulgaria is becoming a more and more popular destination for travelers looking to explore somewhere historic, cultural, and new to them. There are so many places to see and moments to experience in Bulgaria! Here are my top three places to visit on your holidays in Bulgaria.

Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria


Situated in the south of the Bulgarian seaside, this city offers something for every taste. The beautiful historic architecture along the coast is a gorgeous backdrop to the water. Beaches there are rarely crowded. More often than not, they are clean and have plenty of space to spread out. Be sure to enjoy local seaside cafes for delicious, fresh food in the seaside atmosphere.

Sozopol cafe. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

While Sozopol may be a destination for families with kids who explore the magical old town and play on the beach, in the evening there is a vibrant cultural scene, with concerts, music of all types in various bars, and dancing at clubs. 

Take time to explore the The Castle of Ravadinovo, which is located just outside Sozopol. With an inexpensive entrance fee of only a few Euros, it's worth visiting this newer castle (called In Love with the Wind), and explore the gardens, lake, a chapel, winery, art gallery, and more. Built of marble, the castle changes colors depending on how the light hits it.

The Castle of Ravadinovo. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and one of the most vibrant cities in the whole country. It is for sure the most developed one, but this does not mean that it did not keep its magnificent history front and center. Walking the streets in the center of the city and then having a cup of tea in a small café in the middle of the pavement surrounded by large old trees on the streets is an easy way to time travel for a few hours. 

Cafe in Sofia. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

Explore ancient Roman ruins, mosques, churches, outdoor spaces, art galleries, museums, and plenty of restaurants, clubs, and opportunities to hear music. 

Sofia. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria


Sometimes all we need is just a moment of silence, relaxation, and reconnection with our inner self. Leshten is a small village in the Rhodope Mountains where you can spend your whole holiday in peace. There’s something special about nature in Bulgaria. I highly recommend going to Leshten in early autumn, when colors are bright, the weather is nice, and the evenings are cold enough to set a bonfire while stargazing.

Autumn in Leshten. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

There are no fancy restaurants, but there are grandmas all over the place. Once they know that you are not local, even though they will probably not be able to properly communicate with you, they will bring you to their homes and cook you the most amazing dishes that you have ever tried! Be sure to try the rakia, a fruit brandy that is Bulgaria’s national drink.

Leshten. From Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on holiday in Bulgaria. Some people go there for peaceful hikes in the mountains. Other people visit the country for the exciting nightlife or for history, architecture, or local experiences. If you love wine, be sure to spend a weekend in a winery...they sure know their grapes!