Why Escape Rooms are the Best Team-Building Activity

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Where was your last team-building activity? Presumably, in a bar or at a football stadium. Drinking a beer or doing some kind of sports together with your team is nice, but you can make your team-building activities fun and effective if you get locked in a room together. We don’t suggest losing a key from your office and searching for it for the whole night — just book an hour in an escape room and try one of the best games for team-building activities. Escape quests are live action games where you need to find an exit by solving riddles and puzzles.

So why are escape games a top team-building activity?

Why Escape Rooms are the Best Team-Building Activity

It shows who is who 

It’s especially important when the group is new and you don’t really know the strengths and weaknesses of your co-workers (or subordinates, if you are a manager). While playing the game, you can not only have fun together with your colleagues, but also look at how each teammate is performing his or her tasks, who is getting nervous, and who shows an appetite for leadership. This information can help you allocate office duties correctly, and give people tasks they will be perfectly good at. 

It improves relationships

There are many factors that lead to the successful working projects, and one of them (besides professional skills and a bit of luck) is the relationships within the group. You can never do a good job together if the group members don’t know each other, don’t listen to each other, or have no idea how to work together. Teamwork is what this activity is all about. While solving puzzles and riddles together, co-workers are getting closer and start feeling more comfortable, which leads to positive professional results (if the players manage to escape the game, of course). 

It levels up skills 

Escape quests are one of the best team-building activities that can improve the professional skills of the group members. It will not replace professional training, but it can quickly level up the practical experience of working in a small group, problem-solving, and choosing the best option among the several possible ones. Combine escape games with more serious theoretical events, and you will get skilled and professional staff who can also open any closed door (not that it’s very important, but still...). 

It’s fun

Why else would you have a team-building kind of thing in the escape room if it wasn’t fun? Escape quests are much more entertaining than your regular corporate activities, like go-carts, especially now when there are so many different kinds of games. Among the most popular quests for small and large companies, we can name:

● Horror-themed games
These creepy quests hypercharge the atmosphere and make you solve puzzles in a stressful situation, which is a good skill to train, especially if you are working with the hard deadlines.

● Adventure-themed games
Here you can all imagine that you are the members of Indiana Jones' team, and rush on an adventure to find hidden treasures. Such rooms are not as stressful as the horror ones, and are more suitable for a group that has never experienced the awesome team building activities and games like this. 

● Advanced games
These are the rooms for the escape quest professionals, and contain more difficult riddles and puzzles. Challenge your colleagues with the completely dark room, or the room with the live actors — it all depends on your imagination and the escape rooms you have in your city. 

Why Escape Rooms are the Best Team-Building Activity

If you are still wondering what is the best team-building activity for your crew, it’s time to stop reading and book an escape room for your co-workers. And remember: this is your only chance to have a corporate event that only lasts one hour. 


Have you done an escape room? Please share your experiences!