Book Review: Spooky Campfire Stories

by wobbles22 / Feb 15, 2010 / 0 comments

Reading Spooky Campfire Stories, by Amy Kelley, made me grateful for our ancestors because they came up with most of these scary stories to tell our friends and family, passed though many generations for us today - because without these stories our campfire would be dull.
My favorite story is the Tell-Tale Heart, because when we were learning about the unexplained in school, we got to read the Tell-Tale Heart. I remember getting to watch the movie that went along with the tale and it was quite similar because the characters said the same lines, they told the tale very calmly even though they committed suicide, and they both had an old person with a crow eye that made the young man uncomfortable. While we were watching the movie, we got to make a poster to go along with the tale to try and make other people interested in reading it. Therefore, I really enjoyed reading this tale because it reminded me how much fun I had when I was reading this tale with my Language art class.
Reading these stories, I began to wonder why most scary things that happens to people mean death. While reading a novel, I came up with scary things that happen are a warning that bad things are about to happen.
However, I noticed that some tales were similar to others, so I was amazed to find out how people come up with different tales that are similar to the one they heard. So whenever someone heard a tale they would make some changes and pass it on and that person would past it on and that is how tales are heard because it is still happening today!
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about scary and unexplained things,

Contents include:

The Tell-Tale Heart
The boarded window
Faces at the window
He walked by Day
The Wendigo
Give me Back my Guts!
Knock, Knock Who's There?
Ma Yarwood's Wedding Ring
To build a fire

ISBN 10:     1-56044-867-9
ISBN 13:     978-1-56044-867-9
Publisher:     TwoDot
Imprint:     Falcon


Spooky Campfire Stories