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by Adrian Petersen / Sep 24, 2009 / 1 comments

 Golden Books

I recently wrote this mini article about an Italian Hotel and Restaurant Group and thought I would reprint it here.

Free culture, now there's a thought!

A select group of Italian hotels, country estates and restaurants have come together to give books to their customers.

The Golden Book Hotel Association
have a wide range of books featuring authors such as Dickens,
Mansfield, Maupassant, Poe, Puskin, Stevenson, Voltaire and many more.
They are also keen to promote new writers, "giving a voice and a
showcase to the often undervalued talent of many good writers", via
their "Eureka" writing competition.

"The Association’s members
share the view that Tourism largely signifies Culture, and that
attention to detail is an expression of qualified hospitality. The
books offered by the Association’s members are small volumes printed on
good quality paper; originally edited, they contain short stories by
various authors and are translated into several languages. A specific
graphical design has been attributed to each of the member
organizations, and the books thus represent very personalized objects
to be kept and collected."

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