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A Must-Read Children's Book: Onyx Says: What If I Try?

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I recently discovered an incredible and important new book series by writer Lisa Sterne, called Onyx Says. The series is designed to help children develop coping skills while creating themselves. The first book, What If I Try, gave me goosebumps when I first read it, and I teared up to think of the powerful way that Onyx helps kids help themselves. It's an excellent and fun read, both inspiring and full of joy. Highly recommended! 

Elephants: A Charming and Important Picture Book for Young Kids

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One of the most important things we can do for young kids is to read to them - and teach about the world, through those books. One such book that I just love is called Elephants, a simple, loving, and beautiful picture book that teaches about this incredible animal, as well as elephant conservation.

A Blue Sheep? Teaching Kids about Acceptance and Diversity

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One of our favorite authors, Gabrielle Yetter, has a new book that we're delighted to share with our wandering educators. Entitled Martha the Blue Sheep, it's a story of fitting in - or not, of taking care of those in need, of good deeds and celebrating life. It's a lovely tale, beautifully and colorfully illustrated by Daro Sam and Monnyreak Ket. It has much to teach us about acceptance, helpfulness, and diversity. Read it with your kids, and then find (or be) your own Marthas in life.

A Moose Goes a-Mummering: Newfoundland's Twelve Days of Christmas

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If you're like me, you devour books from places you visit - and want to visit - and get books for your kids, too, to devour. For nothing teaches a place like learning about it from locals - whether you're there in person, or reading their stories

This summer, we road tripped to Newfoundland from Michigan (what a drive!), and loved just about every place on our route. But Newfoundland is special. Called The Rock, it's an island full of Jellybean-colored houses, whales and puffins, and the most adorable dogs in the world - look!

Book Review & Author Interview: The Grand Adventure

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One of our very favorite authors has a great new book out! And we're so excited to share it with you. We've shared the work of Mark Hicks before, and I have to say, we play on his websites often (try the Halloween one! Love the cyclops!).

Interview with Author/Illustrator Mark A. Hicks

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I have to introduce one of my favorite illustrators, Mark A. Hicks. It is awesome that he wrote and illustrated lots and lots of books. I have read several of them. My favorite was Ellwood's Plans. Ellwood's life always goes well, but it takes a turn for the bad. He couldn't see what his future would be. But in the end, music wins out. He makes a new and important friend on the bus and there's a cool song that I can't stop singing! The funny thing was that so many things had music patterns on them (like his PJs). This is a very clever book.