Visiting Paris

by Frances Frazier / Apr 27, 2011 / 0 comments

I am part of a group of Lifelong Learning students coming to Paris in June.  We are looking for English speaking Parisians who would like to share their knowledge and love of Paris.  The days of June 11 and 12 are especially good for us. We, in turn, havae our own stories to tell of our hmes in Northern California, our unique California culture, what wwe care about and value, and what we enjoy and do not enjoy about our own culture.  We hope you will enjoy meeting us!  

     I am an ESL teacher in Petaluma, California.  I teach mostly people from Latin America, but also have Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Thai and Haitian students. I am sure I have the best job in the whole world, because each day we talk about culture, language differences, false cognates, attitudes here and abroad, and the foods we like to prepare and eat.  My students are so eager to learn about one another!