Foodie Finds: Best Hot Dogs in Traverse City

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Dec 16, 2009 / 0 comments

Best Hot Dogs in Traverse City

You've got to know our family to know that despite all the international cuisine we so love, we also love a great hot dog. Hot Doug's in Chicago is one of our favorites, but we also have a home-grown favorite here in Michigan.

Visit Traverse City (love it!) and you'll find LOTS of great eats.

Head to House of Doggs, now located at the Grand Traverse Mall (note: these photos are from their closed downtown location), and you'll be amazed. It's a narrow slip of a building that houses a true foodie find. There's a huge sign listing all of the dogs available. I have to admit, I DID try the one with the HOD sauce (like chip dip) and potato chips on top! CRAZY!

House of Doggs, Traverse City

We've been there so many times, we've fallen into a routine. Try the onion rings, for sure...and explore the extensive hot dog menu and find your OWN favorites.

House of Doggs, Traverse City

House of Doggs, Traverse City

Check the wall for specials - sometimes 2-for-1, depending on the day of the week.

And always, always, plan for plenty of time to look around at the walls, and listen to the music. Our 7-year old daughter didn't KNOW that there were *records* - let alone 45s! Always an education...

House of Doggs, Traverse City


House of Doggs

3200 S. Airport Rd.
Traverse City, Michigan
(231) 922-9001

NEW location at the mall (photo courtesy House of Doggs):

House of Doggs, Traverse City - from the best hot dogs in Traverse City!