5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

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In recent years, the concept of voluntourism has been popular all over the world, as it has so many benefits. In its simplest sense, it is a combination of volunteering and traveling. You go on a vacation not just to explore the beauty of certain destination, but to also share your efforts and do good deeds for the local community.

Interested in trying it? Below are five of the places where you can do this.

 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

Physical Education in Tanzania 

Many people head to Tanzania for its unique safaris and beaches. Kind-hearted travellers who are athletic, on the other hand, consider it an excellent place to teach sports. You will not only teach students the fundamental rules of different sports, but you will also be motivating them to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Most of the students will be young adults. This is a good way to share what you know and to inspire young Tanzanians, as well. 
Tanzania. From 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

Family Volunteering in Sri Lanka 

Beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, rich history, and lush forests – these are just some of the things that you can enjoy in Sri Lanka. Other than this, there are many volunteer activities for traveling families. You can even stay in the house of a host family and learn more about their daily living. Some of the most popular volunteer activities that can be enjoyed include teaching English and building schools. 
Sri Lanka. From 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

Conservation in South Africa 

Gifted with spectacular wildlife and diverse culture, South Africa is one holiday destination that is included in the bucket lists of many people. It is also a good place to volunteer, specifically for activities that are related to conservation. You can volunteer in a wildlife ranch and rehabilitation centre. You can work closely in various conservation projects and studies. You can also take part in activities that will allow you to take care of animals and be part of efforts for their rehabilitation. 
South Africa. From 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

Medical Work in India 

From the splendid architecture of Taj Mahal to the vibrant party scene of Goa, you will have lots of reasons to visit India. You can also consider being a volunteer, especially for medical work. If you are a doctor, this is a good place to share your knowledge and to gain foreign experience. Meanwhile, even if you are not in the field of medicine, you can still volunteer by being assistants in various medical tasks that are completed by professionals. 
India. From 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love

Teach English in Thailand 

When you talk about vacations in Southeast Asia, you will most probably think about backpacking in Thailand, seeing its beautiful beaches, and experiencing its wonderful culture. More than vacations, you can also volunteer in English teaching programmes. In most instances, you will be teaching kids. There is no need to worry as this is pretty much easy and you will be teaching only basic words. The programme can last for a couple of weeks, depending on where you will be doing it. 
Thailand. From 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love


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 5 Volunteer Projects Abroad that You’ll Love