a face for radio

by Bobo Chimp /
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Jul 31, 2009 / 0 comments

so Mr Bobo is at it again... in his attempt to become the King of all Greenville Media, he has launched an all out, take no prisoners media campaign to get himself a saturday night radio show on WGLM 106.3FM in Greenville.

 the concept...wierd digital sound manipulations... sound bytes from crappy sci-fi movies... whatever non-commercial tunes i am spinning at the moment...and of course, anthing LOCAL gets priority! interviews with local artists, musicians, writers, misfits and freaks.... and if you tell the owners that you want to see  (actually, it would be HEAR) mr bobo on the radio, then maybe he can put you on his show too! but only if you drop jim a line and make the voice of the people be heard! contact jim at morning[at]m1063.com and let him know that the people demand more cowbell...i mean bobo!