I set out to travel the world in search of better ways to educate our children

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We can learn much from those who have searched for answers. One such seeker of knowledge is Ed Berger, who continually impresses me with his curiosity, love for learning, and sense of adventure. We've shared their family's worldschooling adventures - now it's time to share his. 

I set out to travel the world in search of better ways to educate our children - an interview with global educator Ed Berger

Here's part 1 of the three-part video series. Click through at the end to watch the next.


"In 1969, Ed set out on an incredible adventure. Over the following year, he'd explore 22 different countries while examining their educational systems. The goal was to explore the world while in the pursuit of knowledge and inspiration. What he found was a series of incredible life-changing experiences and insights both into how humanity educates its young and into the true depth and breadth of the human condition.

I find Ed's story particularly interesting because he did it at a very unique time in modern history. The internet was still several decades away, America was in the throes of the Vietnam War, and while we had the technology to enable global travel communication technologies still remained a fundamental challenge, particularly in many of the areas he visited. Upon departure he was advised not to take the trip, "You'll die, and no one will ever know what happened to you." Powerful and chilling words of warning. Especially for those of us who travel today, often with daily contact and connection with our friends and loved ones. 

Ed's trip came at a time of transition and in this three part interview series he not only shares the wonder, discovery, rich and at times deeply humbling experiences that came from his trip, he shares profound insights into education that will resonate and inform you no matter if you're a parent, a teacher, an educator, or just a curious mind."


You can learn more about Ed and see his blog at http://edwardfberger.com.

You can find a link to Ed's book on education, Vital Lies, here: http://millennialbooks.com/vital-lies/
Crow Canyon - Ed's book about the origins and history of the Crow Canyon School and Archaeological Research Center is available here: http://millennialbooks.com/crow-canyon/

Explore the stories behind these moving images at http://virtualwayfarer.com.


Photo courtesy and copyright Alex Berger, adapted by Wandering Educators